The Best Tools to Manage Your Money, Life, & Hustle

There are so many great tools and apps out there to help with your finances and your life. Here are the ones that I use, love, and highly recommend.


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Blogging can be a challenge and there are tons of tools to help you with new ones being developed each day. Here is what I am currently using and love. While I do use some other tools as well, these are the ones I'm kinda obsessed with.  I also work hard to keep this list updated if anything changes.


Convertkit - for email marketing

I started with MailChimp, quickly left, went to Aweber, and finally settled on Convertkit. I love how easy it is to use. It makes confirming opt-ins and delivering content upgrades (like worksheets) a snap. I use the WordPress plugin and then just choose what form I want on each post and page. One thing that makes Convertkit stand out from other email marketing services is that they don't count subscribers twice. Most other email marketing tools count subscribers on each form, so if a subscriber subscribed to more than one form, they are counted more than once. Since pricing is typically determined by the number of subscribers this could drive up your costs significantly.


Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing - for monetizing your site

Michelle is an affiliate marketing maven. She regularly makes over $50k a month from affiliate marketing. I bought her course at the end of Nov. 2016 and mid-December 2016 while I'm still working to implement everything I've learned, I've already seen an increase in my affiliate marketing income. She really knows what she is talking about and the Facebook community that accompanies the course is a terrific resource. Learn more about Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing.


Tailwind - for sharing on Pinterest

Tailwind had been a game changer for me, I went from 10,000 impressions on Pinterest to over 100,000 impressions and have seen traffic to my site grow as well as email subscribers. The ease of use to schedule pins and track analytics has been awesome. Learn more about Tailwind.

pinterest strategy guide

Pinterest Strategy Guide - for doubling your site's traffic

While BoardBooster is the tool I use to rock Pinterest, this Pinterest Strategy Guide is what taught me how to rock it using boardbooster. I had tried using BoardBooster in the past and found it confusing and really didn't see the value. Once I got this strategy guide it was like a whole new side of Pinterest opened up to me and it has been huge at my improving my site and it's traffic and I cannot recommend it enough. If you are looking for a relatively inexpensive way to invest in improving your site's traffic, this strategy guide is the way to go.


Thrive Themes Membership - for creating beautiful sites that convert

I got the Thrive Themes Membership when I decided to redesign LDMW and it’s been fantastic. It replaces Leadpages which was costing me over $400 a year. It also produced a much cleaner design with so many great tools I’m still working to implement and get the most out of everything. Just to note, Thrive Themes only works on sites. But if you have a WordPress site I highly recommend using Thrive Theme, I love it and have become a bit obsessed with everything it can do.

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