Attack Debt

$1,000 Debt Payoff Challenge

14 Lessons

About this course


A six-week challenge to pay off $1k of your debt.


Online, throughout the challenge, each lesson is designed to help you stay motivated and focused. 

Why the Challenge:

Debt sucks, and when you have a lot of it, it can be easy to lose focus. It is too easy to believe the debt is never going to go away. Easy to believe that you make too little to make a dent in your debt. I know this feeling well.

With over $200k in student loan debt, not to mention a car loan, it is a ridiculous amount. $200k for which I alone am responsible.  But I will never fully have control of my life and my choices until I’m debt free, so I will keep working hard to be debt free.

Even with focus and hard work, debt payoff slumps happen. This challenge is here to help you kick it into high gear.

Why $1,000

It is great to see that debt number go down for every hundred, but it’s damn exciting when I turn the “thousands” number back. $1,000 will have a big impact, is motivating, and challenging. I know $1,000 sounds like a lot, but over six weeks it is just $23.81 per day. With a little extra hustle, it can be done. Even if at the end of the challenge you don’t hit the $1k mark, getting close will still put a huge dent in your debt.  

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