Money 101

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The key to not dreading looking at your bank account and kicking financial ass is understanding your finances. Once you know what is going on, it is easy to take action, set some goals, and accomplish them.

Wouldn't it be nice if....

- You never had to worry if your debit or credit card would work?

- You could afford the Instagram worthy vacation?

- You could afford to live without roommates?

What's Included?

Money 101 is a FREE 7 day email course designed to help you take control of your money without sacrificing having a life. Each day you'll get an email on a certain topic with a video and action steps to take.

What the Course Covers:

Day 1

Get Organized

To make the rest of the course easier, we kick it off by getting organized whether you hoard paper bills or strictly digital.          

Day 2

How to Budget

Learn about the basic rules of any budgeting system, then set your first successful budget.                                                            

Day 3

Save More Money

At the very least everyone needs an emergency fund. Find out how much you should save and the easiest way to start saving.

Day 4

Pay Off Debt

Learn about different debt pay off strategies and formulate your own debt attack plan.                                                                

Day 5

Student Loan Debt

Student loan repayment can be different from all other debt out there. Understand where student loan repayment currently stands and what kind of changes we might see.

Day 6

Earn Extra Money

The ability to increase your income will help you accomplish every financial goal, that much faster.                           


Day 7

Money Tools & Apps

Learn about different tools and apps that can help make figuring out your money easier.                                         


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When you understand your money, you know all the dirty details on your debt and how you can crush it quickly. You know what expenses you need to budget, which ones are fixed, and how to set your finances up to reach your goals

Goals like becoming debt free, building savings that have your back no matter what happens or taking that dream vacation.

So if you are tired of struggling every month with your money, living paycheck to paycheck and are ready to take some action, sign up for this course right now.

About the Instructor:

Elizabeth (Liz) Stapleton

Elizabeth is an attorney and the founder of Less Debt More Wine. She has been writing about  and helping others to understand personal finance since 2014.

“I loved learning about personal finance and taking control of my money. I learned just how important this knowledge is and want to help others take control of thier finances which in turn helps them take control of their life.”

personal finance tips | millennial money tips | money management | budgeting printable
personal finance tips | millennial money tips | money management | budgeting printable
personal finance tips | millennial money tips | money management | budgeting printable