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Why I Don’t Like Dave Ramsey
First things first, I don’t hate Dave Ramsey. I’m also not looking to bash him. I’m just not a big[...]
Understand These Personal Finance Basics and Be on Your Way to Financial Success
There is a lot to take into account when dealing with personal finance. I know this because I’ve managed to[...]
The Rich Don’t Have One Income Stream
The rich don’t have one income stream, they have several. The road to wealth is with multiple income streams. Think[...]
Making Managing Your Finances a Cinch
This post is in partnership with Cinch. All views and opinions are my own. Nothing in this post is to[...]
Why I Once Again Love YNAB (you need a budget) and Why You Should Try YNAB
It was 2014 and I was just starting to dip my toes into the budgeting waters. I was failing miserably.[...]
Why Zillow is the Easiest Way to Torture Yourself
When I’m dreaming big and feel like torturing myself, I look at Zillow.I think someday I want to own a[...]
Less Debt, More Wine 2017 Reader Survey
2017 so far has been a wild ride.  I kicked of the year becoming self-employed. On top of that I[...]
30 Money Lessons Learned in 30 Years
I have just entered a new decade. Yesterday, I turned 30. Which being that it happened on a Wednesday meant[...]
Getting Started Guide: 6 Steps to Build Savings
Everyone knows you need savings, be it for an emergency fund, a travel fund or some other reason. Savings assures[...]
August 2017 Income Report
This is my August 2017 2017 Income Report.I should note that this is all the income I earned in August, I[...]
Why You Should Stop Reading Headlines (except this one, obviously)
What I really mean is: why you should stop reading JUST the headlines.A big problem with the world today and[...]
Life After Debt: What You Should & Shouldn’t Do With Your New Cash Flow.
Hey everyone, today I'm super excited to have a guest post from Michelle at Savings & Sangria (she's a girl[...]
Why I Needlessly Spent $2,600 when I’m Over $250k in Debt
I spent $2,600 on a cell phone plan over 4 years when I didn’t have to. My job came with[...]
Get to Know Your City Without Spending a Bundle
Whether you moved to a new city for a job, or to be closer to friends and family, moving to[...]
Are You Forgetting to Budget for These 50 Expenses?
Creating a budget allows you the knowledge of knowing where your money goes and the freedom to decide what is[...]
Get Your Financial Life Together with Broke Millennial
Less Debt More Wine is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to[...]
How to Best Build Savings – Digital vs Manual
Everyone should have a goal to build savings. Whether you are saving an emergency fund or a travel fund or[...]
April 2017 Income Report
This April 2017 Income Report is my third income report for the blog. I should note that this is all[...]
If you Struggle with Saving, You NEED to Start Using Chime
If you haven’t heard about Digit and the fact that they started charging people to save, you can find quite[...]

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