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Less Debt More Wine is all about kicking debt ass while still having a life and enjoying a bottle glass of wine. I decided to start Less Debt More Wine because I wasn’t seeing any debt focused blogs for people with tons of student loan debt that focused on the balance of aggressively paying off that debt and still having a life.

If you left law school or grad school in the last decade and are still dealing with your student loans, then you are in the right place.

Less Debt More Wine focuses on paying off debt, saving money (but not being cheap), and making more money while trying to make sense of your finances has a whole (like that budgeting thing adults are supposed to do). On the site, you’ll find tons of content. There are blog posts, some videos, and free downloads to help you take action on your finances.

There are Tons of Tools and Resources

To save you some time if you are new to figuring out this money thing, you can check out my Understand Your Money Free 7 day course and/or sign up for my newsletter. Both of which are jam-packed with information but laid out in small, easy to digest parts, because I know it can be a lot to take in.

My goal with Less Debt More Wine is to help you take control of your finances, particularly your student debt, and take action to reach your goals. I’m not just talking about financial goals. If you are like me, then that student loan debt is also cramping some of your other goals (*cough* travel goals *cough*). Hopefully, Less Debt More Wine can help you find the balance to pursue both your money related and non-money related goals.

New Posts typically go up on Mondays and Wednesdays. You can be notified of new posts when you follow Less Debt More Wine on social media: FaceBook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter

About Liz

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by, I’m Liz the loud mouth behind Less Debt More Wine (formerly Friday Night Shenanigans).

I started figuring out my personal finances after I realized just how deep in debt I was, primarily student loan debt ($193k). Lucky me, I was college class of 2008 and law school class of 2011. To say I was unlucky with timing would be an understatement. But that is life and I’m more focused than ever to get myself out of debt.

Since starting this blog in 2014 I’ve paid off over $20k, including all of my credit card debt, one of my student loans and over 60% of my car loan. I’ve obviously got a long way to go, but you can learn more about that in my monthly accountability posts. Since you’re on the about page I’m guessing you’d like to know a little more about who I am, so here are some fun facts.

10 Fun Facts About Liz

  1. While I am an attorney, I do not actually practice. I landed a job that gives me the ego boost of being an attorney without having to actually do the work. I’m was much happier for it. In Dec. 2016 I was laid off from that job and I made the leap to self-employment. #girlboss
  2. Originally from the west coast and attending school on the east coast, I’ve driven cross country many times. The only states I haven’t visited are:
    1. Hawaii
    2. North Dakota
    3. Montana
  3. I’ve been to 6 countries and I have a list more than twice as long of places I want to visit.
  4. The summer of 2004, I attended a leadership conference in D.C., our group got kicked out of the Supreme Court, we were later allowed back in but we missed the tour. I later made it back to take the tour when I was 27.
  5. For my 26th birthday, I ran a marathon. #basic
  6. I grew up playing soccer but started playing rugby in college. I have been in love with the sport ever since. Did you know 2016 was the first time women’s rugby was featured in the Olympics?
  7. When I was super stressed in law school I used the New Kids on the Block reunion as an outlet and did all the events I could. It was very silly but also very fun. #noregrets
  8. Some friends call me Forrest, as in Forrest Gump. There may have been a time that I accidently ended up at a rally on the Washington Mall once, I didn’t end up speaking at it though.
  9. I started painting when I was 14 and won several awards at both the local and state fairs. I stopped when I went to college and only recently started painting again. This blog has been an additional creative outlet when I’m not painting.
  10. I’m a terrible movie junkie. I’ve never seen the classics but I can tell you all about random ones that bombed and I loved.

Contact Me

If you would like to get in touch, check out my Contact page. 🙂

Bacon and Constitution, two of my favorite things. Also the location where my family and I ended up stuck after a flash flood in Aug. 2001.

Bacon and Constitution, two of my favorite things. Also, the location where my family and I ended up stuck after a flash flood in Aug. 2001. Even though you can’t tell, I’m wearing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle gloves. Which should tell you even more about me.

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