Submission Process

Before submitting any ideas, please do a search on our blog to be sure we haven’t already covered the topic. Please submit a minimum of three ideas to, we will review them within two weeks and send you our feedback.

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Less Debt, More Wine Objective

Less Debt More Wine is all about kicking debt ass while still having a life and enjoying a bottle glass of wine. We focus on balancing aggressively paying off debt and still having a life. Kudos to those people that have no life for 1-3 years and pay off $100k in debt, but frankly, Less Debt, More Wine people like having a life.

Less Debt More Wine focuses on:

  • Paying Off Debt
    • Refinancing
    • Credit Transfers
    • Strategies
  • Spending Less (without being cheap)
    • Reusable Green products
    • Utilizing free services
  • Earning More
    • Getting better jobs
    • Side Hustles
  • Living Better
    • Financial self care
    • Investing
    • Money management

Ideal Audience

Our audience is not earning enough money and is weighed down by debt. They’ve made some efforts at better money management in the past, but need help sticking with it long term. They hate Dave Ramsey and “starving” themselves for long periods of time.

Link Policy

We ask that you limit linking to your own site to 1-2 links outside of your author bio. However, you should absolutely hyperlink any source of information that supports your article, offers more information, or simply provides readers with data drawn from surveys, studies, and so on. Also, please keep in mind all links will be no-follow. All links included are subject to editorial removal.

Editing Process

We try to attract as many visitors to our site as we can – and for this reason, our articles are always optimized for the search engines. You don’t have to worry about that, though – send us your article as it is and focus more on the quality and relevance of the content, rather than making it Search Engine Optimized. We’ll take care of that during our editorial process – so yes, you might notice slight changes in the published form of the article you send to us. 


Do not worry about creating any graphics for the article, we will take care of creating any necessary graphics.

Post Guidelines

Posts should be a minimum of 1,000 words and meet the following style guidelines:

  • Headings should be title case
  • The tone should be friendly, not condescending, write as though you are explaining something to a friend or family member
  • Keep profanity to a minimum or exclude it altogether
  • Cite sources using textual links
  • Check your work for any spelling or grammatical errors
  • Content must cover the topic in depth or offer some unique perspective on the topic, backed by sufficient research 
  • Use the oxford comma
  • If you are citing or quoting a person, include their name, followed by their title.
  • Percent vs %, pick one and stick with it throughout, don’t flip back and forth
  • Write out any numbers one through ten, 13 and up can be represented numerically
  • Content must be original and not previously published elsewhere


Not only will we not accept re-posts on our website, but we are very specific about the rights you will own once the article is published here as well. In particular, you will be allowed to use your article for your portfolio, and the article will definitely be associated with your name. However, do not re-post the article once it’s been published on “Less Debt, More Wine”. You risk your site’s SEO and ours too.