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Feeling overwhelmed with all things money? I've got you covered. Below are the best posts to help you understand your money and take control of your finances.

Just Getting Started Figuring Out This Money Thing?

Allow me to walk you through the steps to becoming a money boss. You're already a boss at everything else, it's time you add money to that list.



Personal Finance Basics

Step One: Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck

First, let's get you out of that paycheck to paycheck cycle.

Step Two: Build Up Some Savings

Since it makes no sense to go charging forward all in on your debt attack plan without first having an emergency fund, you will need to figure out what is the best method for you to build savings.

Best Savings Tool

If you don't want to open up a new bank account, then Qapital can help you reach savings goals. Once you have the Qapital App installed and a bank account (or in my case three) connected you set up a goal or goals. I currently have two, one to save for taxes #selfemployed and one to save for spending money when I travel hack my way to Paris. Then you set savings rules for each of your goals.

For example, I have a round up to the nearest $2 rule, a guilty spending rule -when I buy Dominos, and a savings rule for every time I hit my step goal with FitBit. There are tons of different savings rules you can set up and the best part is Qapital is free to use. Bonus, when you use my link you'll get $5 after your first savings.



Attack Debt

Step Three: Create Your Debt Attack Plan

Next, you need to decide how you will attack your debt, by prioritizing your debt. If you have student loans (who am I kidding, you totally have student loans), find out how much you owe and educate yourself on your options. With your student loans, if you have federal loans there are tons of different repayment plans, including ones with loan forgiveness available.

For private loans, consider refinancing. If you have both federal and private student loans then this post can help you figure out the best approach. If you're feeling a little apathetic about your debt, get motivated by calculating your daily interest rate. Alternatively, if you're feeling like the paying off the amount of debt you have is impossible, check out this awesome group of people paying off massive amounts of debt (at least $50K each).

Step Four: Actually Start Attacking Your Debt

There are so many simple things you can do to make paying off debt easier and to pay off debt faster, you can split payments, use apps to pay off debt, or just set up automatic payments. Just make sure you avoid these mistakes when paying off debt.

Best Debt Pay Off Tool

One way I'm making extra debt payments is with Qoins. When you sign up for Qoins, you connect your bank account and then spend as you normally would. Qoins will round up your purchases to the nearest dollar and put that change towards an extra debt payment.

Basically, Qoins will help you pay down debt faster by applying an extra payment for you by using your spare change. There is a $1.99 charge each month. However, they take it out of the spare change they set aside for you so you never see a charge in your bank account. If there isn’t at least $10 in your Qoins account they will roll that amount into the next month free of charge.

Recommended Refinancing Company

If you have private loans or your debt to income ratio allows, consider refinancing with a company like SoFi. Learn more about what it's like to refinance with Sofi. Refinancing my bar loan with SoFi ended up saving me over $1,000. Use my link to refinance your student loan and you'll get a $100 bonus. 



Affordable Living

Step Five: Remember Life is About Balance

While debt sucks and paying it off quickly should be a priority when you've got a mountain of debt, it can be hard to sustain serious debt pay off habits (like never eating out) for long periods of time.

Try to find the balance to actually make continuous progress on your debt and enjoying life. I came up with a list of 45+ ways to save money and still have a life.

I've also got the Ultimate Guide to Affordable Entertainment to help you find ways to save money on having fun.



Earn More

Step Six: Fill in the Money Gap

Not financially able to save and pay off debt? Have you created a budget and checked it twice? There are two ways to find more money in your budget, the first is to cut expenses, the second is to earn more money, starting a side hustle or getting a raise at your current job are the easiest ways to bring in more cash.

Here are some side hustles you can get started with, though I have to highly recommend freelance writing, it lead me to an entirely new career. Just remember to be realistic about side hustling and smart in your approach to side hustling.

Side Hustle Alert

Driving with Lyft is a great way to earn some extra cash. I love how easy it is to just turn on an app when I feel like driving and make some money. I wrote an entire post about driving for Lyft. It includes what you can expect during the application process, what it's like to actually drive and the many perks of driving with Lyft.  Get started driving for Lyft.

Best Course

Personally, I found the course, 30 Days or Less to Freelance Writing Success extremely helpful to get me started with freelance writing. It breaks down everything you need to do, step by step, so that by the time you get to pitching for jobs, you are prepared and successful. For me, the course paid for itself when I got my first freelance writing job. I now earn between $2,000 - $4,000 per month (check out my income reports) with freelance writing.

Still Have Questions? I've Got Answers

Check out the Frequently Asked Questions series, if you don't see your question listed, drop me a note.

Frequently Asked Financial Questions Series

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You should now be starting to understand your money so you can take control like the money boss you are. Looking for tools to help you with all this money stuff, I've put together a list of what I use.

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