I’ll be honest I had no clue what I was doing when I started a blog. However, after two years, it seems like I’ve got at least a clue. I created this page to help you get started. Blogging is a great hobby or it could even be a side hustle or a full-time gig. I hope you can use this page as a resource for how to start a blog.

How to Start a Blog

How to Start a WordPress Blog with BlueHost – step by step instructions on setting up your own self-hosted blog.

Monetizing a Blog – What I Do and Don’t Do – If you do want to monetize your blog there are tons of ways you can do it, it’s up to you what will work best for your site.

How to Start a Blog: List Building – Having a list is a great way to start building a community.

My Favorite WordPress Plugins – Find out what plugins I use to keep my site running smoothly

VIDEO: How to Blog – Behind the Scenes Look at Both My Sites

Why Blog

Find Out What Made These Bloggers Share Thier Stories Part. 1. – Everyone starts blogging for a different reason. I reached out to other personal finance bloggers to see why they decided to start blogging.

To Blog or Not To Blog – Helping you to decide if blogging is right for you.

Why Blog? It Can Change Your Life – In a continuation of my blogger series, I asked other personal finance bloggers the biggest impact that blogging has had on their life.

Blogging Tools I Use:

Convertkit: Email Marketing/list building Blogging platform

SmarterQueue: It makes scheduling social media a breeze. I can also set up social media campaigns, which I love!

Pinterest Strategy Guide: This guide helped me to double my traffic.

Grammarly: I use Grammarly to act as a second pair of eyes to make sure when I’m in a rush I’m not publishing a bunch of errors. You can use it for free or upgrade to the premium version. Since I do freelance writing, I’ve opted to upgrade but I got by with the free version for a long time. You can read my review of Grammarly here.

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