How NOT to Start a Money Making Blog

When I first started my first blog back in 2014 it was to help hold me accountable as I paid off my credit card debt. While I had learned that people do make money from blogging, it wasn’t my focus. I thought if later on in the future I could make a couple bucks, then …

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Why You NEED to Choose Who You Work With

As anyone with freelancing experience or a regular job with a bad boss can tell you, working for someone you don’t get along with or don’t see eye to eye with is the worst. It makes you less motivated to do the work. And because of undue stress, ultimately you resent the work a feeling …

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How One Ends Up Self-Employed

If you told me just two years ago that I would be self-employed I would’ve thought you were crazy. If you told me four years ago, I would’ve told you to stop smoking crack.  Four years ago my mindset was not in any place where I could imagine being self-employed. Still my journey to self-employment …

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8 Ways to Make Money Freelancing

Freelancing has been a life saver for me. It’s allowed me a lot of freedom this past year and it made it perfectly ok when I got laid off at the end of last year. While I work as a freelance writer, there are a number of avenues you can take in the freelancing world. …

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How Much is “Exposure” Worth?

Every freelancer has experienced it, the offer to be paid in “exposure.” Too bad exposure doesn’t pay the bills. It’s insulting at the very least and rude at worst. You are a professional providing a service and should be paid for that service.

Can You Really Make a Living Freelance Writing?

I became a full-time freelance writing on Jan. 1, 2017 after less than a year pursuing freelance writing. What I love about freelance writing is the control it offers you, not just in how much you make, but also on your schedule and what you want your life to look like. So the short answer to, “Can you really make a living freelance writing?” is yes you can more than make a living you can make a life.

Do You Even Pitch, Bro?

You have a website; you are regularly publishing to your blog. You are networking on the regular and are active in Facebook groups and social media, but for some reason, your business isn’t growing. You are barely scraping by but feel like you are always working, so why isn’t anything happening?

How I’ve Made All My Money

First things first, this is not a post about starting a business and growing it into amazing income, and it’s definitely not a get rich quick story. In this post, I’m going to share with you all the ways I’ve made money. Every single job and gig, going back to when I was a kid. …

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Find out what it is like working stadium security and how you can get the job

Side Hustle Series: Stadium Security

I’m very excited to be guest posting over at Budgets Are Sexy about this super fun side hustle. You can head over there to read the details. My Experience Working Stadium Security Here is some more information about one of my favorite hustles. I started working at Gillette Stadium in Fall 2012 and left December …

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