Looking to save more money? If you are struggling with your money and perhaps living paycheck to paycheck, then this resource page is here to help you save money and get ahead. This page is broken down into ways you can learn, read, watch, or listen.


Quick Ways to Cut Costs and Save Money

Save Money with This Checklist – Over 45 ways to save. I ended up saving over $175 a month

5 Easy Ways to Save Money

The One Action I’m Taking to Save on My Electric Bill

How to Get a Cheaper more Predictable Electric Bill

Frugal Travel

Washington D.C. on a Budget

How I Plan to Travel Hack Paris 

How to Take Advantage of Traveling for Work

Audible Review: 2 Months & 3 Books Later

How to Eat Out for Free

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Frugal Living

The Elusive Entertainment Budget

10 Ways to Relax for Free

Why I’m Canceling Inexpensive Subscriptions

10 Ways I Saved Money as a Law Student

5 Frugal DIYs to Get Organized

Donate Your Stuff and Take Advantage of Tax Breaks

When Paying the Extra Money is Worth It

My 10 Favorite Personal Finance Tips

How I Revamped My Summer Wardrobe for $35

How to Enjoy the IKEA Shopping Experience and Save the Most Money


Saving During the Holidays

Frugal Last Minute Holiday Guide to Decorating and Gifting

My 4 Favorite Holiday Saving Hacks

The Best Gifts I’ve Ever Received

5 Ways to Save on Stocking Stuffers

Happy Mother’s Day! 5 Frugal Last Minute Gifts

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Building Up Savings

How to Easily Save Over $600 in 5 Months

Using Chime to Save For You

If you still struggle with setting aside money for savings, then I recommend using Chime to start saving an emergency fund for you. Chime works by starting a spending account (takes 5 minutes) and opting into the automatic savings plan.

Every time you use the Chime Debit Card it rounds up your purchase to the nearest dollar and puts in in savings. Right now they also offer a 10% bonus on those savings. All those withdrawals add up over time. Chime is free to use, with no monthly fees. With Chime, you end up saving money without having to think about it.


The Best Free Personal Finance Tools

CapitalOne: I use Capital One to set up multiple savings accounts to keep my savings separate but easy to access. They have one of the higher interest rates out there for savings accounts and are completely online.


Coming Soon!

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Here are a few great Podcasts about saving money and being smart with your money:

So Money

Financial Conversation Podcast

Great resource page on how to save more money