Dealing with student loan debt and not sure where to start? There is a lot of information coming at you when it comes to student loan debt. I hope this page helps you sort it all out. This page is currently a work in progress and will be updated when I have additional posts.

To help you learn this page is broken out by media type, you can read, watch or listen.


Student Loan Basics

How to Find Out How Much You Owe

Types of Student Loans – Federal Student Aid Website

How to Take Advantage of Your Grace Period

Student Debt

Repayment Options

What Repayment Options Are Available

Choosing the Right Repayment Method

Refinancing Student Loans

Why Bankruptcy is Not Really an Option

What Happens When You Default on Your Loan – Coming Soon!

Student Loan Reform

What the Next President Could Mean for Current Student Loan Borrowers

Student Loan Conquerors – Debt Payoff Journeys

Looking for some inspiration? Check out these stories of people that are paying off or have paid off over $50,000 in Student Loan Debt.

Jason Butler of The Butler Journal Working to pay off $72,000

Natalie Bacon of Finance Girl Working to pay off $107,000

From Debt to Dreams Paid off $83,000

The Masters from Red Two Green Working to pay off $550,000

Michelle Argento from Fit is the New Poor Working to pay off $61,000

Okeoma Moronu Schreiner of The Happy Lawyer Project Working to pay off $210,000 and very much on her way

Eric Rosenberg of Personal Profitability Paid Off a $90k MBA

Student Debt

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My Student Loan Debt Journey

Once Upon a Time I Knew Nothing About Personal Finance

My Debt Journey – Status Updates

Paying Off Debt While Pursuing Big Crazy Dreams

Other Debt I’ve Delt With

I’m Credit Card Debt Free

I Finally Got Realistic About My Debt Repayment


Create a Debt Attack Plan – Free Video, Brynn from Femme Frugality and I put our heads together for this webinar, and you can catch the replay. It isn’t exclusive to student loans but helpful for any debt.


Dealing with Massive Student Loan Debt – The Happy Lawyer Project Podcast

Finding Balance Between Debt & Dreams – Financial Conversations Podcast

Student Debt


Big Picture Look at Your Finances – Student Loan Hero Dashboard

Refinancing – I refinanced with SoFi and recommended them, you can check out my post about it here.

Take Control of Your Student Loan Debt