Canceling inexpensive subscriptions isn't always about cost, it's more about how you choose to prioritize and spend your time.

Why I’m Canceling Inexpensive Subscriptions

As I approach my impending self-employment, my finances and particularly my expenses are on my mind. But I’m not canceling inexpensive subscriptions because of the cost. Currently, I have a subscription to Hulu and CBS All Access, in total, they come to about $12 a month. Come Jan. 1st I’ll be canceling both. It’s Not …

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One simple idea to save on the electric bill!

The One Action I’m Taking to Save on the Electric Bill

As I continue to pummel towards self-employment, I’m working to make sure I’m not wasting any money. I’m also experimenting with a few things to see if they can save me some money. I’ll be Home More, so I’m Cooking More I am and will continue to be traveling a lot less for the rest …

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When Paying the Extra Money is Worth it and when it's not | frugal living | quality | spending money

When Paying the Extra Money is Worth it

I <3 living that frugal lifestyle. For those of you that don’t know, the frugal lifestyle doesn’t mean cheap. It means spending money on the things that add value but finding the best prices for those things that matter to you. It’s all about mindfulness. However, sometimes even if living the frugal life, I end …

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Tackle IKEA shopping like a pro and save the most money! | save money | frugal living |

How to Enjoy the IKEA Shopping Experience & Save Money

IKEA shopping is really unlike shopping anywhere else. It is a huge store with Swedish food and has been known to make or break a relationship. Having experienced IKEA shopping in several different states for different apartments and for both myself and supporting my friends, I’ve come to enjoy the experience. I can enjoy it …

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I had no idea these other payment plans existed from my electric company! | save money | frugal living

How to Get a Cheaper More Predictable Electric Bill

You know that I am all over student loans and the flexible repayment plans that exist in that space. However, student loan companies aren’t the only ones with some flexibility. I learned from my BFFL that electric companies can be somewhat flexible too. How My BFFL Lowered Her Electric Bill My friend said she gave her …

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The pros and cons of audible, this post is great to help you figure out if Audible is right for you! book lover | reader | what to read

Audible Review: Two Months and 3 Books Later

Less Debt More Wine is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to If you love to read but you’re anything like me, I think you’ll agree there is never enough time to …

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Oh how I wish I'd known some of these things when looking for my first apartment, definitely read this if you are looking for your first apartment

Renting Your First Apartment – What to Expect

Renting your first apartment can be really exciting, so exciting that you might overlook some things. Don’t let the excitement of it all cloud your judgment. Go into it with open eyes, know what to expect, and what to look for. Growing up I was fortunate to always live in a house my parents owned, …

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Great frugal hack to get a summer wardrobe without spending a fortune!

How I Revamped My Summer Wardrobe for $35

Living in the South, it gets mighty hot during the summer. Eventually, you have to give in to wearing shorts and tank tops. Now I love me some tank tops, but finding shorts has always been a struggle. I’ve never really had a summer wardrobe. I have been sorely lacking in a “summer wardrobe” pretty …

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Saving money and law school it's hard to combine these two, but these are great ways to save and take advantage of being a law student.

10 Ways I Saved Money as a Law Student

After being a broke student throughout college, I continued on as a broke law school student. However, while at law school I built certain habits that saved me money. I also developed some bad habits that cost me lots of money. Here are 10 ways I saved money as a Law Student. 10 Ways I Saved Money …

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Get organized for less than $50 with these frugal DIYs

Get Organized with These 5 Frugal DIYs

Less Debt More Wine is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Keeping with the theme of spring cleaning this month, I thought I’d share with you some easy and frugal DIYs …

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