How I used the Debt Nor'Easter Method to pay off $6,000 of credit card debt in 6 months.

How I Paid Off $6,000 in 6 Months (Debt Payoff Case Study)

Today, I’m going to show you how I paid off over $6,000 in credit card debt in 6 months. And I was able to bury this debt despite working full time which required extensive travel, working on repaying other debt, and still having a life. How did I manage to pay off that debt so …

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How to Best Build Savings – Digital vs Manual

Everyone should have a goal to build savings. Whether you are saving an emergency fund or a travel fund or for your future, everyone should have a savings goal. But having a goal is just the first step, the next is to figure out how you are going to build your savings. If you don’t …

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Car loans and bad credit: know it all.

Car Loans & Bad Credit: Everything You Need to Know

If you are in need of buying a car but don’t have perfect credit, it’s okay. Getting a car loan with bad credit and no down payment is not impossible. But it’s also not easy. Here are some tips for those who need a little help when looking for financing. 1) Make sure you are …

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Why you need an emergency fund to protect yourself financially during unforeseen circumstances.

Why You Need an Emergency Fund & a Buffer

You can have the greatest budget in the world, but at some point, life is going to throw you a financial curve ball. It might be a parking ticket or a sudden job loss. Either way, you’re going to want a financial safety net to catch those curve balls (it’s possible I’ve muddled my metaphor …

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Budget for these 51 expenses.

Are You Forgetting to Budget for These 50 Expenses?

Everyone knows that creating a budget allows you the knowledge of knowing where your money goes and the freedom to decide what is most important to you to continue your lifestyle. But one of the toughest parts of budgeting is making sure you budget everything; there are a few things you may be forgetting to …

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How to Budget for Debt

Budgeting can be the make or break moment when it comes to financial success. It can be especially important when trying to pay off debt quickly. It could be credit card debt, a car loan, private loan, mortgage, or student loans, it doesn’t matter. The ability to budget for debt requires a few special things …

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5 Things to Stop Doing to Start Earning More

Do you ever feel like, no matter what you do, no matter how hard you work your income just doesn’t increase? It can be extremely frustrating, but your problem may not be that you’re not doing enough, it’s likely that you’re doing things that are hindering your progress. In this post, I’m going to break …

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How to Make Money Blogging – The Definitive Guide

Whether you got into blogging to make money or you started your blog and just realized you can actually make money blogging, what monetization methods you see others using may not be right for you.

There are tons of ways to make money from your blog. But you need to keep in mind your audience and what they want. So long as