Making the Most of a $100/year Entertainment Budget

If you’re looking to cut back expenses one of the first things to go is usually your entertainment budget. But here at Less Debt, More Wine we’re firm believers in finding ways to keep enjoying life, that cost less.  In this post, we’ll break down different ways you can enjoy a $100 budget. Whether it’s …

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Budget for these 51 expenses.

Are You Forgetting to Budget for These 50 Expenses?

Everyone knows that creating a budget allows you the knowledge of knowing where your money goes and the freedom to decide what is most important to you to continue your lifestyle. But one of the toughest parts of budgeting is making sure you budget everything; there are a few things you may be forgetting to …

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Moving to a new city can be pretty overwhelming, find out how you can get to know a new city without spending a fortune or busting your budget.

How to Get to Know a New City on a Budget

Whether you moved to a new city for a job, or to be closer to friends and family, moving to a new city can be tough. Especially if it’s a city where you don’t know anyone, in which case it is both bold and tough. When you move to a new city, whether it is …

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the one biggest money mistake you're making | budgeting requires being active | how to budget | personal finance tips | millennial money tips

The One Biggest Money Mistake You’re Making

Don’t let the title for this post fool you. I’ve made more than one money mistake. If I didn’t, I probably want to be writing this blog, talking about the hundreds of thousand dollars of student loan debt that I have to pay back. But by far the biggest money mistake I made and on …

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how to budget | budgeting tips | budgeting mistakes | budget

6 Reasons Your Budget is Failing & How to Fix It

A budget fail sucks. Because budgeting can be the keystone to successfully managing your money. However, life isn’t perfect, and we as humans are not perfect. And you may find yourself struggling with your budget. In today’s post, we will go over six common reasons your budget is failing and how to fix it and …

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personal finance | FAQS | money questions | do I really need a budget? | debt | budget

Frequently Asked Financial Questions: Do I Really Need a Budget?

Frequently asked financial questions are questions that I’ve seen pop up over and over again.  I thought I’d take the time to answer them in this new Series. So each post will have a short quick answer to these frequently asked financial questions followed by a longer more detailed answer. Do I really need a budget? …

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I always struggle with my entertainment budget, I love this approach to finding a balance. | budgeting | fun money

Figuring Out The Elusive Entertainment Budget

If there is one category that haunts budgeters it is the entertainment budget. Trying to balance having a life and still pay off debt and save for other goals can be tough to quantify. Budgeting for Entertainment When building a budget, no matter what type of budgeting system you are using, there is always some …

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If you are struggling with overspending and busting your budget, you need to look at budgeting with multiple checking accounts. It's so easy!

How to Make Budgeting Easy With Multiple Checking Accounts

Very few people love to budget and if you aren’t one of them I don’t blame you. While I generally enjoy budgeting now, it wasn’t always the case. One thing that made budgeting for me way easier and more enjoyable was using multiple bank accounts. Checking Accounts For Expense Types When budgeting you generally are …

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Super thorough post on how to budget Plus there is a Free How to Budget E-Guide

How to Budget Successfully Every Time – The Ultimate Guide

Budgeting can be clutch to taking control of your money but can be a bit overwhelming when starting out. I’m going to break it down for you by first explaining what a budget is, hint, it’s not a way to torture yourself. Then we are going to cover the three basic rules of a successful …

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