Check Your Receipts – It Can Save You Money


I have a little story for you that got me a free drink at Starbucks.

Over the holidays when I was visiting my family, we all went to Starbucks. We each ordered and paid for our drinks. I was surprised at how much mine cost as I had purposely picked something on the lower end of the menu.

While I was waiting for my drink, I took a closer look at my receipt and then a closer look at the menu. The difference was almost an entire dollar. I ended up being glad I checked my receipt. Here is why you should always check your receipts.

A Little Difference Can Add Up

Now a dollar may not sound like much, but in terms of coffee, it can be a 25% increase. So I approached the barista and asked why there was such a difference. She didn’t know, so she gave me a free drink card.

I didn’t get my 90 cents back but I did get my next overpriced coffee for free and I can guarantee you it will cost more than 90 cents.

Be Nice When Asking About the Issue on Your Receipt

This was not the first time that checking my receipt and nicely asking the cashier about it has saved me some money or gotten me a discount. But the key is to be nice.

As a former cashier, I can tell you that the nicer, more polite a customer is, the more I wanted to help them.

So when you look at your receipt don’t just check the total at the bottom. Make sure all the sale prices are correct and that any coupons you had were applied.

If you spot a problem, take the time to nicely ask about it. You may be surprised with the solution they’ll offer. Just always check your receipts.

Wrapping it Up with a Bow on Top

Don’t just check your total at the bottom of your receipt, check over each line. Make sure all sales prices are there and any coupons you used were applied. If you find a problem, kindly ask the cashier about it and see what solution they offer.

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  1. I’m super vigilant about checking receipts/statements! I, like your story above, have come out ahead just by being friendly and asking. I even got two weeks of my internet bill removed because I brought an error to the attentions of the internet company. As long as you’re honest, I don’t think you can go wrong! 🙂

    1. fnsfridaynightshenanigans@gmail.com says:

      Thats awesome. Being nice is key, no one wants to help a jerk.

  2. That’s great! I find it hard to complain, but I’m trying to do it more often when something is genuinely wrong (especially when that something involves me losing money.) I’m always really polite and apologetic, and it does get good results as a general rule. 🙂

    1. fnsfridaynightshenanigans@gmail.com says:

      Ya I used to have trouble saying something, but then I would beat myself up about it later. So now I just always remind myself that there is no harm in asking, the worst they can do is say no, and since I’ve asked I won’t be wondering about it or mad at myself later.

  3. Yeah, this definitely goes right up there with checking your credit card charges. Also, lots of receipts print coupons or offers on the bottom now too.

    1. fnsfridaynightshenanigans@gmail.com says:

      Thats true, although I have to admit I’m terrible at using the coupons on the receipts.

  4. Good point. Glad you were able to resolve it, but I still wonder why you were overcharged in the first place. How many others paid the extra who haven’t paid attention. Thanks for the reminder.

    1. fnsfridaynightshenanigans@gmail.com says:

      Ya it was really weird, I’m definitely glad I checked. Unfortunately not everyone is as crazy about their finances as I have become lately, so to each their own, just hope the world is overcharged too much.

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