19 Purrfect Gifts for Cat People

I look forward to the holidays all year. Not because I am looking forward to receiving gifts, but because I get to give them.

It’s not always easy to know what that perfect gift will be for someone. Sometimes you have to research their likes and dislikes. Maybe, ask a friend or family member.

Other times, you have those themes you can roll with that are a pretty safe bet – like a favorite team or a beloved pet.

And while dog-lovers might be louder, cat-lovers are coming up on the outside! I’m kidding but see where I’m going with this?

This list is sure to help you find the purrfect gift ideas for the cat-lover in your life.

Note: If you also have a few dog-lovers on your list to buy for, be sure to check out this list of dog-themed gifts!

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1. The Perfect Sweatshirt for Cat Cuddles

As a cat owner, I can vouch that there is nothing as calming and adorable as receiving cuddles from my kitties.

Apparently, I am not alone in this feeling, because someone has designed a sweatshirt with a kangaroo pouch for kitty snuggles on the go. How perfect is this!

[lasso ref=”vincentdeep-unisex-cat-ear-big-kangaroo-pouch-hoodie-long-sleeve-pet-cat-dog-holder-carrier-sweatshirt-grey-xl” id=”11759″]

2. Hilarious Books

Any cat owner has at least one story about their cat destroying something, purposefully terrorizing the household, or generally acting like a 3-year-old out for revenge.

Well, the two books listed below will let the cat parent on your list know they are not alone and that others just might have it worse than they do…

[lasso ref=”how-to-tell-if-your-cat-is-plotting-to-kill-you-volume-2-the-oatmeal” id=”11760″]

3. A Daily Calendar

While this may seem like a boring gift, it is one of my absolute favorites to give and receive!

Calendars have so many uses – meal planning, goal planning, or just keeping everyone on the same page.

Plus, daily calendars, like the one below, are great for staying in the moment and forgetting about a bad day as you rip off the page and literally start fresh tomorrow.

[lasso ref=”texts-from-mittens-the-cat-2020-day-to-day-calendar” id=”11761″]

4. Cat Themed Office Supplies

Some cute, cat-themed office supplies make great stocking stuffers for the post-it obsessed cat person in your life!

[lasso ref=”post-it-pop-up-note-dispenser-cat-design-3-in-x-3-in-1-dispenser-pack-cat-330″ id=”11763″]

[lasso ref=”funny-paper-clips-assorted-colors-cute-cat-shaped-bookmark-clips-office-supplies-clips-for-party-card-wedding-invitation-decoration-gifts-idea-for-women-cat-lovers” id=”11764″]

[lasso ref=”scotch-kitty-dispenser-with-scotch-magic-tape-3-4-x-350-inches-1-roll-1-dispenser-c39-kitty-w” id=”11765″]

5. Windchime

There is something relaxing about hearing a quiet wind chime outside the window and they make beautiful decorations.

As a bonus, when gifted to someone with a cat, they become great entertainment for an indoor kitty to watch from the windowsill.

[lasso ref=”dawhud-direct-cats-wind-chime” id=”11766″]

6. A Snack for Their Kitty

Everyone buys gifts for their friend’s kids, so why not for their fur babies as well?

This kit will allow you to bring a special treat to your friend’s indoor cats and give your friend an adorable project they can decorate their home with.

[lasso ref=”organic-cat-grass-growing-kit-with-organic-seed-mix-organic-soil-and-cat-planter-natural-hairball-control-and-remedy-manufactured-in-the-usa” id=”11767″]

7. An Adult Coloring Book

Adult coloring books were all the rage a few years ago and the trend is still holding strong. You know why? Because coloring can help you relax and destress. It’s been scientifically proven. 

Do you know what makes it better? A coloring book that will make you laugh while you color!

[lasso ref=”cat-butt-an-off-color-adult-coloring-book-for-cat-lovers” id=”11768″]

8. Cooks Apron

Every household should have at least one apron, even if it’s never used, am I right?

Well, for your feline inclined buddies, this cat covered cook’s apron is the way to go.

It will give them something to wear as they are dishing up the daily Fancy Feast for their furred friend and dinner for themselves as well!

[lasso ref=”lovely-durable-comfortable-cat-print-pattern-apron-canvas-adjustable-kitchen-apron-with-pockets-for-women-girls-black” id=”11769″]

9. Jewelry

Jewelry always makes a great gift and many pet parents like to show off their love of their babies in stylish ways away from home!

With that in mind, could you find a better way to do that than with these adorable kitty cat earrings? They are sure to grab compliments!

[lasso ref=”wicary-cat-earrings-sterling-silver-cultured-freshwater-pearl-stud-earrings” id=”11770″]

 10. Measuring Cups

My mom got me an adorable Christmas themed measuring cup set a few years ago and I love it! I use them regularly and they fit my holiday style perfectly.

So, when I discovered these cat-themed ones, I knew they had to make the list.

They are perfect to use for cooking or for kitchen decoration. I like them because they are what every gift should be – cute, durable, and useful!

[lasso ref=”white-ceramic-cat-measuring-cups-set-of-cat-shaped-bowls-1-cup-1-2-cup-1-3-cup-and-1-4-cup” id=”11771″]

11. Unbreakable Wine Glasses

Speaking of durable, why am I just now discovering these wine glasses?!

Any cat owner will tell you that an open container left out is considered free game to a feline roommate, so these silicone wine glasses are made for the wine loving, cat parents.

No more broken wine glasses because their furry companion helped it off the table! Though cleaning up the wine is another story entirely 😉

[lasso ref=”silicone-wine-glasses-set-of-4-with-bag-by-vinovita-unbreakable-rubber-drinking-cups-elegant-and-funny-gift-durable-and-bpa-free-great-for-outdoor-parties-pool-beach-bbq-camping-cat” id=”11773″]

12. Crazy Cat Lady Doormat

While I haven’t reached Crazy Cat Lady status quite yet, I identify with this doormat and I know others can too!

And while a doormat may seem like an odd gift, it is perfect for the person who just moved or just welcomed a new furry friend into their home.

Plus, it’s something that everyone needs!

[lasso ref=”mud-pie-crazy-cat-lady-door-mat-coir-doormat” id=”11774″]

13. Puzzle

Every year, my family has a jigsaw puzzle set up for everyone to work when we get together for the holidays.

Yes, we are nerds, but we are not alone, which is why a puzzle makes such a great gift idea!

Plus, puzzles come in all shapes and sizes which means you can find the perfect one for just about anyone on your list.

[lasso ref=”ridleys-cat-and-feline-lovers-1000-piece-activity-jigsaw-puzzle” id=”11775″]

14. Planter

How many times have you heard someone say that they are going to try to keep a plant alive before they get a pet?

Well, here is your solution! This adorable cat-inspired planter set will help brighten up any home, with or without a cat.

Many people don’t realize that once they graduate up to a cat, their house plants will be under siege but that is a different story…

[lasso ref=”koolkatkoo-3-2-inch-cute-cat-ceramic-succulent-planter-pots-with-removable-saucer-unique-cactus-planters-porcelain-decorative-flower-pot-for-cat-lovers-set-of-3-white” id=”11776″]

15. Slippers

Here is another, never fail gift!

Who says no to nice toasty feet when it’s cold outside?

Plus, these wonderfully, adorable kitty slippers are too cute to pass up!

[lasso ref=”snoozies-womens-animal-heads-sherpa-plush-fleece-lined-slipper-socks-black-cat-x-large” id=”11777″]

16. Home Décor

The best thing about wall art is that it can be sassy, cute, and let you know where you stand, like the piece below.

In any case, it should always bring a smile to your face!

[lasso ref=”jennygems-cats-welcome-people-tolerated-cat-signs-for-home-decor-cat-lover-decor-cats-welcome-sign-cat-signs-cat-lover-gifts-funny-cat” id=”11779″]

17. Kitchen Towels

As I have gotten older, I have come to appreciate the art of a useful gift. So, receiving (or gifting) something like kitchen towels is right up my alley.

The key to the useful gift is it still needs to speak to the recipient’s personality, so these towels would be a cat lover’s delight!

[lasso ref=”dii-100-cotton-everyday-basic-home-kitchen-ultra-absorbent-drying-cleaning-pet-lover-printed-dish-towels-18-x-28-set-of-3-cat-dishtowel-3″ id=”11780″]

18. Mug Options

Mugs are another “boring” item on the never-fail gift list.

They can be used for so many more things than just drinking coffee out of…think pen cup, toothbrush holder, or change catcher. You can even make a personal cake in them!

Plus, there is a mug design out there for everyone. Look at these kitty-themed mugs for the cat person you know!

[lasso ref=”2-pack-ilyever-funny-cute-cat-coffee-mugs-for-crazy-cat-lovers-christmas-gift-cat-ceramic-cups-for-coffee-tea-milk-black-and-white” id=”11782″]

[lasso ref=”literary-cat-mug-kitten-quotes-from-famous-writers-authors-and-other-feline-lovers-comes-in-a-fun-gift-box” id=”11783″]

19. Wine Bottle Holder

Okay, this is just too adorable to leave off the list!

What better way to show off two passions at once than with this cat-themed wine bottle holder?

Be honest, you are already thinking of who to give this to, aren’t you?

[lasso ref=”decorative-tabby-kitty-cat-wine-bottle-holder-sculpture-for-whimsical-tabletop-wine-racks-and-stands-or-animal-statues-kitten-figurines-as-birthday-gifts-for-cat-lovers-by-home-n-gifts” id=”11784″]

Bottom Line

Chances are you have at least one cat-loving person on your list to buy for this holiday season and one of the gifts on this list is sure to make the cut!

The most exciting thing yet? All these gifts are available for $25 or less, so you can get great gifts that fit your budget!

Bonus Tip: If you’re an Amazon Prime member you can have the gifts shipped straight to the cat person in your life’s house for FREE! Start your 30-day FREE trial of Prime!

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