17 Best Gifts Under $25 for Nieces and Nephews (3-6 Years Old)

A couple of years ago, I was in a Disney store starting to have an anxiety attack…

All because I had no clue what to get my niece or nephew for Christmas. I lived across the country and usually only saw them at the holidays. I have no kids myself so I had zero idea of what to get them.

This year, I moved cross country and now see them all the time, which means I have tons of ideas of what to get them.

But I know from experience that isn’t always the case. So if you live far away and don’t have kids and are struggling to figure out what to get your nieces or nephews this holiday, this gift guide is here to help!

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Best Gifts for Nieces, 4-6 years old

Just a quick note to say that while I’ve put these in the section for nieces, they could be gifts for nephews too if you wanted. Each kid a different, but overall, all the gifts on this list are things my niece (who is 6) and nephew (who is 4) would love.

1. Hatchimals

I think these are this generation’s Polly Pocket (though pretty sure Polly is still around). My niece absolutely loves these and collects them, she enjoys “hatching” them which is when she gets to break them out of their shell.

This Jewelry Box Royal Dozen is perfect:

[lasso ref=”hatchimals-colleggtibles-jewelry-box-royal-dozen-12-pack-egg-carton-with-2-exclusive” id=”11601″]

2. Beanie Boos

The Beanie Babies of today, but at least no one is acting like they are an investment that will pay off later. They’re just cute stuffed animals

[lasso ref=”blitz-blue-unicorn-reg” id=”11602″]

3. Legos

Legos are fun no matter your age, but the lego set you get can make a difference. Plus, legos are a great activity you can do together if you’re going to visit for the holidays. Really, any Disney Princess lego set will do so if you happen to know your niece’s favorite, pick up that one!

[lasso ref=”lego-disney-ariels-seaside-castle-41160-4-building-kit-2019-115-pieces” id=”11603″]

4. Uno

While the box may say it’s for ages 7+, my 4-year-old nephew can play by himself, though he’ll often opt to team up with an adult and my niece is a pro. It’s a great game for family time, so your sibling is likely to appreciate the gift as well.

[lasso ref=”mattel-games-the-official-uno-tin-amazon-exclusive” id=”11604″]

5. Nail polish

The love of nail polish can start early. My niece loves mixing colors and having “rainbow” hands. This set is perfect for kids because it includes lots of colors and peels off. Which means not having to use acetone on young one’s nails.

[lasso ref=”townley-girl-disney-princess-non-toxic-peel-off-nail-polish-set-for-kids-15″ id=”11605″]

6. Slime

Kids love slime, but if you actually like your sibling do not, I repeat, do not get a slime kit. The kids love it, the parents do not.

[lasso ref=”slime-bonanza-slime-kit-for-girls-and-boys-36pcs-diy-slime-making-kit-just-add-water” id=”11606″]

7. Unicorn Anything

What I’ve learned from spending time with my niece is that apparently little girls loving unicorns never goes out of style. If there is a unicorn on it, chances are she’ll love it.

[lasso ref=”8-pcs-unicorn-gifts-for-girls-unicorn-bags-bracelet-necklace-stickers-keychain-hair-ties-white-star-3″ id=”11607″]

[lasso ref=”aurora-unicorn-fancy-pals-purse-with-8-unicorn” id=”11608″]

[lasso ref=”unicorn-reversible-sequins-throw-pillow-cover-decorativeunicorn-birthday-gift-for-girlsmagic-sequence-pillow-case-cushion-cover-for-roombedding-and-couch-sofa-decoronly-16-x-16-pillow-cover” id=”11609″]

8. Tots Pet Carrier

Tots is a show on Disney Jr. It’s about birds delivering babies to their families, the main characters are a penguin and a flamingo that team up to deliver the “tots” and they carry the tots in carriers, just like this one.

(Yes, I now know way more than I ever wanted to about kids shows. At the beginning of the year, I probably couldn’t name a single kids’ show, now I know plots)

[lasso ref=”disney-jr-t-o-t-s-care-for-me-pet-carrier-pony” id=”11610″]

9. A Mermaid Tail Blanket

Yup, it sounds like what it is, think of it as the kids version of a snuggie. My niece loves to crawl in hers all the time because it’s “just so cozy”

[lasso ref=”opall-upgrade-version-2018-latest-cozy-soft-rainbow-mermaid-tail-blanket-for-kids-with-scales-apply-on-all-seasons-pink-small-pink” id=”11612″]


Like I said before, many of the items in the “nieces” section would make my nephew equally as happy, but these are some other gifts little boys love.

1. Pj Masks Figures

PJ Masks is a kids tv show around 3 kids who fight the bad guys at night to save the day. He loves them, he even dressed up as one for Halloween last year.

But if you don’t know which one is their favorite, I’d get a set that includes all three like this one:

[lasso ref=”pj-masks-fold-n-go-headquarters” id=”11613″]

2. Characters that Help Them Read

Having favorite characters read to them or help them read is a winning gift. My sister got our nephew this Marshall doll that reads stories and it caused fights between him and our niece – she kept wanting to borrow it.

[lasso ref=”vtech-paw-patrol-marshalls-read-to-me-adventure” id=”11614″]

This PJ Masks book could be a winner too:

[lasso ref=”pj-masks-im-ready-to-read-with-catboy-sound-book-pi-kids” id=”11618″]

3. Legos

Again, legos are a winner for boys or girls, my nephew got this set and really enjoyed building it with his dad.

[lasso ref=”lego-disney-pixars-toy-story-4-woody-rc-10766-building-kit-new-2019-69-pieces” id=”11617″]

4. Hot Wheels Carrier

Hot Wheels are great for kids, but keeping all those cars from being lost could be a part-time job. This carrier doubles as a fun extra toy truck.

[lasso ref=”hot-wheels-mega-hauler-truck-amazon-exclusive” id=”11620″]

5. Play-doh

Every kid should have some Play-Doh, and it’s likely to play better with your sibling compared to slime. This kit helps kid’s imagination come to life with their Play-Doh.

[lasso ref=”play-doh-fun-tub” id=”11621″]

6. Paw Patrol Matching Game

Paw Patrol is yet another kids show about a group of dogs who basically represent city services. A matching game helps them with memory skills and is just fun to play.

[lasso ref=”paw-patrol-look-a-likes-matching-board-game” id=”11623″]

7. Train Set

My nephew loves to play with his Doug and Melissa train set. Building different paths and pulling his train along, he literally can play with it on his own for at least an hour.

[lasso ref=”melissa-doug-classic-wooden-figure-eight-train-set-22-pcs” id=”11624″]

8. Puzzles

Puzzles can be just as much fun for kids as they are for adults, so long as they are age-appropriate. This puzzle set is perfect for little kids, it won’t take them long to do one which is why having a few is a great way to keep them busy. Making it the perfect gift that your sibling will also appreciate.

[lasso ref=”wooden-jigsaw-puzzles-set-for-kids-age-3-5-year-old-20-piece-animals-colorful-wooden-puzzles-for-toddler-children-learning-educational-puzzles-toys-for-boys-and-girls-4-puzzles” id=”11625″]

Bottom Line

Hopefully, this list is helping you feel better in terms of what to get your nieces and nephews for Christmas.

Bonus Tip: If you’re an Amazon Prime member you can have the gifts shipped straight to your sibling’s house for FREE! Start your 30-day FREE trial of Prime!

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