15 Perfect Gifts for Sisters & Girlfriends (Under $25)

I love getting my sisters’ and friends’ amazing gifts, but they can sometimes be hard to shop for.

Some of them do pretty well and tend to buy what they want or need without any issues, which presents more of a challenge for me. Especially since I’m on a budget.

I figured I wasn’t alone in this, so I put together this guide to help myself and others figure out the perfect gift for your sisters and girlfriends.

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1. A Planner

Now I know this may seem like a blah gift, but hear me out. Every woman I know is always working to improve something, their health, wellness, work/life balance and on and on.

I stumbled upon the Happy Planner at Micheals and told my sisters about it, after going out to dinner that weekend we ended up at Micheals where they both picked up a planner and some accessories.

(btw, is there anything more in your 30s than spending Saturday night at Micheals?)

Plus you all can encourage each other to keep up with it and use it to make plans to get together.

I particularly like the Happy Planner because of how customizable it is, we all lead very different lives which means our planners are all very different

[lasso ref=”me-my-big-ideas-plnr-79-the-happy-18-month-planner-gold-getter-classic” id=”11634″]

2. Planner accessories

If they already have a planner they love, then perhaps you can just get them some fun accessories.

I’ve learned that stickers can make all the difference when it comes to sticking with actually using my planner.

These “Squad Life” ones can help make making plans to get together easy. Win. Win.

[lasso ref=”me-my-big-ideas-ppsv-112-3048-the-happy-planner-sticker-value-pack-squad-life-1029-pkg-multi” id=”11635″]

3. Wine Tumbler

You’ve seen the name of this site right? I obviously had to include something wine related in this list. This tumbler is perfect for when you live far away from your sister.

[lasso ref=”side-by-side-or-miles-apart-sisters-sister-gifts-from-sister-best-sister-birthday-gift-funny-christmas-gift-ideas-for-big-little-sister-soul-sister-best-friend-bestie-gspy-wine-tumbler” id=”11636″]

4. Your Favorite Book

Gifting your favorite book or one you’ve wanted to read can give you guys something to do and talk about together. Or if reading isn’t their thing, perhaps the movie or tv version of your favorite book.

My sister introduced me to Outlander via the TV show last Thanksgiving and now I’ve finally started reading the books.

[lasso ref=”outlander-a-novel-outlander-book-1″ id=”11637″]

[lasso ref=”outlander-season-one-volume-one” id=”11638″]

5. Mini Utensils

A few years ago, my sister got me a mini utensil set and I thought, these are cute but when will I ever use them.

I ended up using them ALL THE TIME.

They are my go-to cooking utensils. Admittedly this gift is probably best for someone that is single and typically cooking for one, but if your sister or girlfriend fits that bill, get them for her!

[lasso ref=”farberware-classic-mini-tools-set-of-4″ id=”11640″]

6. Bath Bombs

Who doesn’t love a good bath bomb? This is an especially great gift if you have a sister or girlfriend who has trouble treating themselves to lovely but unnecessary things like an amazing bubble bath.

[lasso ref=”bath-bombs-gift-set-14-lush-bubble-bath-fizzies-natural-vegan-essential-oil-bubble-spa-bath-fizz-balls-kit-handmade-bathbombs-for-women-men-kids-boys-girls-dry-skin-moisturize-birthday-gift” id=”11641″]

7. An Adult Coloring Book

Perfect for the sister that is stressed out and needs an activity that is fun and chill to do.

There are actual benefits for adults who color including improved sleep and reduced stress and anxiety.

[lasso ref=”sargent-art-classic-fine-tip-marker-pens-in-a-case-set-of-30-and-maybe-swearing-will-help-an-adult-coloring-book-of-motivation-puns-cursing-color-and-laugh-your-way-to-less-stress” id=”11643″]

8. a Tool kit

Every woman should have a basic tool kit and unless she really loves the color, preferably one that isn’t pink.

A good set below is less than $20, but if you can spare a couple of extra bucks I’d go with the one that includes a level. Hanging stuff so it’s straight is super nice.

[lasso ref=”tacklife-57-piece-home-tool-kit-general-household-tool-set-with-storage-case-hhk3a” id=”11646″]

[lasso ref=”allied-tools-38200-project-repair-tool-set” id=”11647″]

9. A Water Bottle That Reminds them to drink More

Staying hydrated is important, but it’s something many people, myself included, struggle with. But thanks to technology there are now water bottles that will remind you to drink more water.

This water bottle reminds you to drink more by flashing a light every hour, it also includes a Bluetooth speaker and doubles as a thermos, helping you to keep your hot drinks hot.

[lasso ref=”icewater-3-in-1-smart-stainless-steel-water-bottleglows-to-remind-you-to-stay-hydratedbluetooth-speaker-dancing-lights20-ozstay-hydrated-and-enjoy-musicgreat-gift” id=”11648″]

10. Golden Girls T-Shirt

Thank them for being a friend. Give this shirt to the Sophia in your life.

[lasso ref=”picture-it-sicily-1922-golden-girls-funny-cotton-t-shirt-m-black-usa-made” id=”11651″]

11. Make Up Remover Cloth

I do not wear makeup every day, working for myself at home doesn’t require it and I don’t like wearing tons of makeup if I don’t need to.

My sister, on the other hand, wears makeup for work every day and this year I introduced her to make up that actually lasts all day.

Which is great in terms of looking nice all day, but it presented her with a new problem, getting it all off at the end of the day.

This cloth might just be the answer (and she might just find it in her stocking this year;))

[lasso ref=”2-pack-miracle-face-erase-makeup-remover-face-cloths-chemical-free-microfiber-bonus-6-hair-ties-purple” id=”11654″]

12. Shower Speaker

This is the perfect gift for music lovers who love to belt it out in the shower. I’ve had it for nearly a year and it works amazing! I love it, sometimes I’m listening to music, other times audiobooks, or podcasts.

[lasso ref=”2019-version-portable-shower-speakertoproad-ipx7-waterproof-wireless-outdoor-speaker-with-hd-sound2-suction-cupsbuilt-in-michands-free-speakerphone-for-bathroom-pool-beach-hiking-bicycle” id=”11655″]

13. Expand Thier Alexa Experience

If your sister or girlfriend has an Alexa device then Amazon’s new Echo flex device will help them to have Alexa in more places and it also acts as a great speaker.

[lasso ref=”introducing-echo-flex-plug-in-smart-speaker-with-alexa” id=”11656″]

14. Cute Grocery Totes

Plastic bags are being phased out in so many places, that nearly everyone needs some grocery tote bags, why not gift some super cute ones?

[lasso ref=”funny-screenprinted-llama-tote-bag-sturdy-black-reuseable-grocery-plastic-is-llame” id=”11659″]

15. Scrub Daddy Sponges

This is definitely a gift that is full-on practicality. But everyone has to do dishes (so really this could be just as good a gift for your brother or male friends), and I can assure you that these sponges live up to the hype.

[lasso ref=”scrub-daddy-original-flextexture-scrubber-3-ct” id=”11666″]

Bottom Line

Chances are any one of these gifts is sure to make your sister or girlfriend smile and they won’t hurt your wallet either at under $25 each. Happy holidays!

Bonus Tip: If you’re an Amazon Prime member you can have the gifts shipped straight to your sibling’s or friend’s house for FREE! Start your 30-day FREE trial of Prime!

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