11 Gift Ideas for the Dog Lover In Your LIfe (Under $25)

Okay, let’s just admit it – gift-giving is hard for some of us. There I said it, I have put it out there to the universe!

But despite this, I love giving gifts and I still try to find just the right thing for each person on my list.

I am surrounded by dog lovers, so getting them something to celebrate their love of their 4-legged furbaby seems like a safe bet.

And to be honest, everyone has at least one dog lover in their life, so I’ve put together this list of dog themed gift ideas to help out all of the gifting challenged (myself included)!

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1. A Super Cute Mug

Everyone uses mugs, right? For coffee, tea, soup, or as the pen holder for your desk, so giving a mug as a gift is a pretty safe move. And if it happens to include a sassy saying on it, all the better!

Here is one I found that hit the spot for my dog-loving pals:

[lasso ref=”enesco-6000547-our-our-name-is-mud-advice-from-the-dog-stoneware-coffee-mug-16-oz-white” id=”11703″]

2. Wine Tumbler

While not as versatile as a regular mug, wine tumblers help keep those white wines cool for the slow drinking dog fan in your life.

[lasso ref=”its-not-drinking-alone-if-the-dog-is-home-wine-tumbler” id=”11706″]

3. A T-shirt that Tells it Like it is

A good t-shirt can never go wrong! They can be versatile and stylish, comfy and cozy, or practical and useful depending on where you wear them.

My sister works from home and lives in t-shirts. I love finding her ones that suit her personality.

This is the perfect t-shirt for both the dog-loving guys and gals in your life!

[lasso ref=”im-just-here-to-pet-the-dogs-funny-doggo-good-boy-puppy-dad-father-t-shirt-adultl-grey” id=”11707″]

Or if you can afford to spend a little more than $25, upgrade to a cozy sweatshirt that shares what they are really thinking!

[lasso ref=”id-rather-be-at-home-with-my-dog-hoodie-mom-dog-parent” id=”11708″]

4. Crazy Socks

Every year my family draws names for Christmas, and last year I drew my brother-in-law. He’s not exactly the easiest person to shop for, but a little birdy (a.k.a. – my sister) told me he likes crazy socks. Okay…

Not knowing what I was getting into, I did a search for socks and there are thousands! I was shocked.

I knew nothing about this trend until last Christmas. Apparently, I wear boring socks.

As I make this list I knew it was something I just had to add.

[lasso ref=”a-little-weenie-dachshund-hipster-novelty-crew-carded-cotton-womens-socks-1-pair” id=”11709″]

5. A Calendar FUll of Funny Dogs

Some people may see this as a cop-out gift but not me. It’s actually a really versatile gift. Don’t believe me?

My older sister has a calendar on her fridge just to coordinate kids’ activities and my other sister has one in her office to plan her business. Everyone needs a calendar, so why not get one filled with these adorable little faces!

[lasso ref=”weratedogs-2020-wall-calendar” id=”11710″]

6. Home Decor featuRing their favorite subject

Did I mention that I walk dogs on the side? Well as you can imagine, many of my clients love to show their passion for dogs in their homes.

Personally, I love wall art. There are many different kinds! It can be sassy or cute but, in my opinion, it should always bring a smile to your face!

[lasso ref=”p-graham-dunn-dog-rules-paw-prints-12-x-12-wood-pallet-design-wall-art-sign-plaque” id=”11711″]

7. A Way to Organize all the Toys

What’s the one thing that you always find in a house with dogs? Toys! Every dog needs toys and every human needs a place to keep them.

This basket is perfect for almost any décor and makes a great gift for the organizationally inclined dog owner.

[lasso ref=”morezi-canvas-storage-basket-bin-chest-organizer-perfect-for-organizing-toy-storage-baby-toys-kids-toys-dog-toys-baby-clothing-children-books-gift-baskets-grey” id=”11712″]

8. Jewelry

What better way for a lady to show her love of her fur babies while on the go than this beautiful charm bracelet. It’s sure to bring compliments and shared stories!

[lasso ref=”infinity-collection-dog-charm-bracelet-paw-print-jewelry-dog-lovers-bracelet-dog-owner-bangle-for-dog-lovers” id=”11713″]

9. Welcome Mats

So, I mentioned I walk dogs, right? Well, it always makes me smile when I walk up to a house with a pet-themed welcome mat. It sets the mood perfectly for walking into a dog home!

It might seem like a strange gift to add but it would be perfect for someone who just moved or just welcomed a new furry family member into their home.

[lasso ref=”gorilla-grip-original-durable-rubber-door-mat-29-x-17-heavy-duty-pet-dog-doormat-indoor-outdoor-waterproof-easy-clean-low-profile-mats-for-entry-garage-patio-high-traffic-areas-stone-paws” id=”11714″]

10. Stylish Dog Accessories

If it’s one thing dog lovers enjoy, it’s spoiling their pups. These gifts have the added benefit of showing off their favorite team too!

[lasso ref=”nfl-los-angeles-rams-hoodie-for-dogs-cats-nfl-football-licensed-dog-hoody-tee-shirt-x-small-sports-hoody-t-shirt-for-pets-licensed-sporty-dog-shirt” id=”11716″]

[lasso ref=”pets-first-collegiate-pet-accessories-reversible-bandana-florida-gators-small-medium” id=”11715″]

[lasso ref=”pets-first-nfl-pet-leash” id=”11717″]

11. Dog Toys

If someone has kids, everyone always gets them gifts, but no one ever thinks to get something for someone’s dog, your friend and their dog will love it if you do.

[lasso ref=”outward-hound-interactive-puzzle-toy-plush-hide-and-seek-activity-for-dogs-strong-durable-fluffy-toy-for-awesome-pets-squirrel-small-renewed” id=”11721″]

Bottom Line

Everyone has at least one dog-loving person to shop for this season and one of the gifts on this list is certain to hit the spot. And the best thing yet, all these gifts are priced right for a budget at under $25 each. Happy gift giving!

Bonus Tip: If you’re an Amazon Prime member you can have the gifts shipped straight to the dog lover in your life’s house for FREE! Start your 30-day FREE trial of Prime!

2 thoughts on “11 Gift Ideas for the Dog Lover In Your LIfe (Under $25)”

  1. Oh my gosh! These are all so cute! I absolutely love dogs and would be willing to buy all these things for myself except I don’t own a dog 🙁 living in an apartment wouldn’t be the best for a dog. I do know my husband’s parents would like this. I’ll think about it since we haven’t even started doing holiday shopping this year.

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