The Ten Types of People You Meet Black Friday Weekend

The 10 Types of People You Meet Shopping on Black Friday Weekend

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Hopefully, you are being very conscious of your spending in which case I hope you are either skipping black Friday or you are going in with a very targeted list and strategy.

If you are doing any black Friday shopping you are likely to meet these ten types of people.

1. The Wait in Line Person

The wingman of the actual shopper who almost immediately gets in the very long and winding line upon entering the store. That way the shopper can go get what they need and be near the front of the line if not the front when they are ready to checkout.

They are typically friendly and chilling, they may even let you cut ahead of them if their shopping partner is taking longer than expected.

2. The Enraged a Store Would be Open on Thanksgiving Person

They are either hypocrites and out Thanksgiving night to get the best deals or they actually wait until Friday to go shopping and then admonish anyone that had the audacity to shop on Thursday.

The funny thing is I hear people every year complain that stores are open on Thanksgiving forcing workers to go to work rather than spending time with family and friends, but I never hear anyone complain about all the people that have to work football games on Thanksgiving. Just saying.

3. The Second Thought Shopper Waiting in Line at Customer Service to Return an Item

They either regretted the decision or they picked up the wrong thing that wasn’t the deal they wanted and didn’t catch it when the cashier was ringing them up. Either way, somehow there are always lines at Customer Service too.

4. The Big Ticket Shopper

They were likely first in line and are usually walking out of the store carrying their giant TV or 2 in 1 laptop before you even make it in the store. You are left wondering just how fast they ran since the store opened a mere 4 minutes ago.

5. The Late to the Game, Small Gets, Shopper

They are stocking up the DVDs, music, and other door busters waiting near the isles in special cardboard displays. They are disappointed they missed out on the big deal they’d hoped for but perfectly content to get all the stocking stuffers they need and small gifts for the holiday.

6. The Second Time Around Shopper

They went out and were ready when the stores opened, they got that big ticket item and then they got out of dodge. Until Saturday when the sale is still going on but the crowds have dispersed. They head back to pick up some accessories and see what movies are left to pick up for next to nothing.

7. The New to Retail Workers

It is their first retail job and they are struck with horror at the actions and attitudes of the shoppers. This is only overshadowed by the disgust of how much work they will have to do to clean the store up.

They’ll have a nervous and overwhelmed look on their face and likely not be able to help you find whatever it is you are looking for, be gentle with them. Chances are they should have read about the pros and cons of working retail.

8. The Seasoned Retail Workers

They know where everything is at and they know where the reserves are at too. If they say the store is out of something, trust them, they know. Don’t waste your time looking for it elsewhere.

They don’t bother to pay attention to the mess, they know it is for the later shift. Their focus is helping customers and restocking from the back. Chances are you will catch them mid run with an arm full of products. Be nice to them.

9. The Stay at Home All Weekend Person

The world is crazy why would I actually volunteer to go into the lion’s den to save a few bucks? If they do end up doing any shopping, it’s usually online.

10.The Sunday Shopper

The one who is completely surprised to find the item they were looking for on sale, what’s Black Friday?

If you are going Black Friday Shopping make sure that alongside your cash is a boatload of patience and caffeine. Be nice to those working, they are doing the best they can and remember they are people too. Stay safe and avoid stampeding. Happy Holiday’s friends!

Are you going to head out on Black Friday? What are you getting and why are you getting it now?

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