Make Extra Money This Holiday Season with a Side Hustle

There’s nothing like the crunch of the holidays to feel the need to really make some extra money. So a quick side hustle whether it’s picking up a retail job or something that gives you a lot more control of your time is almost a must when it comes to this time of year. So I thought I’d go ahead and pull together the most popular side hustle posts on the Less Debt, More Wine.

While there have been a ton of posts about side hustling these have been the ones that people have loved the most and found the most helpful. In order of popularity, here are the top five side hustling posts:

1. Easy Things to Sell to Make Extra Money

After the holidays and receiving some wonderful gifts, I found myself looking to clear some of the clutter, I just had sitting around. But I’m a personal finance blogger so naturally, I looked for the best ways I could make some extra money by getting rid of easy things to sell.

Now given my failure of selling stuff on eBay in the past, I decided to skip that entirely. (Though if you want to learn more about selling on eBay, Jason at the Butler Journal has an excellent beginners guide). I stuck to other online selling tools and local options. Not that I’m lazy, but I don’t like spending tons of time turning a profit on my junk. These are the items I found easiest to sell and how I sold them…Continue Reading

2. Everything to Know About Becoming a Lyft Driver

I’ve really got nothing against Uber, but pink mustaches are just fun. It set the tone for a fun company culture. But I didn’t just pick a ridesharing app based on looks (I’m not that shallow). I also picked Lyft over Uber because there are fewer Lyft Drivers where I live. The fewer drivers there are the more opportunities for rides. It’s all about supply and demand.

While I had kind of figured there were fewer Lyft than Uber drivers in the area, I found out just how few during the application process. When I applied there were about 20 Lyft drivers in the Raleigh area.

Now you may be thinking part of this is because there wasn’t a lot of rider demand via Lyft. However, Lyft had actually been taking steps…Continue Reading

3. How to Side Hustle $1,000 in Six Weeks

Having an extra $1000 can make a world of difference for your finances. It could help you to start an emergency fund or pay down debt quickly. If you need an extra $1k but aren’t looking to side hustle year round, you can make that amount easily in as little as six weeks. Here is how to side hustle $1k in six weeks…Continue Reading

4. 30 Days or Less to Freelance Writing Success Review: From Novice to Full-Time Freelance Writer

As of January 1st, 2017 I became self-employed full-time. While I had been working to make the leap for a while, ultimately the start date of my self-employment was decided by my former employer. When I got laid off.

Fortunately for me, I already had taken steps to make that leap possible. The first real step towards self-employment I took was signing up for 30 Days or Less to Freelance Writing Success. Less than a year later, I do freelance writing full-time.

Here is my 30 Days or Less to Freelance Writing Success review. If you’ve ever been curious about freelance writing as a side hustle…Continue Reading

5. The Best and Worst of Working Retail

Ah retail, whether it was your first job, your summer job in college, or your side hustle, retail has a lot of pros and cons. If you have ever worked retail, then you know this. If not I’m here to enlighten you.

I have had the pleasure of working retail at three very different stores: a sporting goods store, a department store, and a lingerie/undergarment store. I’ve worked as a cashier, sales associate, merchandiser, and fitting room attendant.

In this Side Hustle Series post, I’m going break down the pros and cons. But as the holiday season approaches many stores will be looking for extra workers, so this could be an easy side gig to pick up…Continue Reading

Wrapping it up with a bow on top

There you have it, some great side hustle ideas to get you started in making some extra money this holiday season. Remember you want to avoid any holiday debt hangover in January and the side hustles can help you do just that. So have a great holiday season, hustle hard but not too hard.

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