Why I Changed My Mind About Amazon Prime

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You may recall a post I wrote about Amazon Prime a while back, I had done a 30 day free trial and I concluded that I’d spent more money than I normally would because I had it and so I opted not to sign up for Amazon Prime.

Well, I’ve since changed my mind and I’ll explain why. While it’s true that I was spending more, part of the reason I was doing that was to get it all done within that 30 day free trial. It was the scarcity effect impacting my wallet. 

Amazon Prime Gives You So Much for So Little

However, the more I thought about it and the more benefits the Amazon had including Prime Now which is actually available in my area, it was stupid not to have it. Because when I would occasionally stream even just Netflix or Hulu for a month it cost eight bucks at least. and it’s just streaming movies. However, Amazon Prime for the $99/yr membership, which comes out to about eight bucks a month, comes with so much more than just streaming. 

Yes, it has free streaming on tons of movies and tv shows, but it also has commercial free music, some books, free shipping, and Prime Now which is a game changer in my life.

You get so much for the same cost of streaming Netflix.

Prime Now is Amazeballs

Particularly, for busy people and especially for single people, like myself.  Because I live alone I don’t have someone to help me with all the errands and everything else going on, so  it’s really nice to be able to just have it sent to my door, same day, for free.

This is even more true when I’m sick, because when you’re a single sick person, friends are awesome but you don’t want to have to ask them to bring you Gatorade and soup and saltines. Nor do you want to have to muster the energy to go out and get it, or use what little energy you have on buying soup. Prime Now delivers that for you. 

Plus, Prime Now is a huge time saver.  I’m in my first year of working for myself and I work really hard because I’m still figuring things out and I don’t want to spend a ton of time running errands and grocery shopping and picking up little things I need. Prime Now means I don’t have to, a few clicks online and it’s delivered to my home in a few hours. 

Honestly, the only downside to Prime Now is that I live in a gated community and the Prime Now drivers can’t seem to figure out getting through the gate.

Currently Prime Now is available in 32 cities:

Prime Movies and TV Shows

Rather than paying for an additional service like Netflix or Hulu, I just use Amazon Prime, Amazon has plenty of free content to stream.

And just like every other streaming service Amazon is creating it’s own shows and movies, and so far everything I’ve seen is really good. As I write this I’m looking forward to the release of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, the pilot was hilarious. Good Girls Revolt was also excellent, as was Z – The Beginning of Everything, about Zelda Fitzgerald.

Some other awesome content available for free to Prime Members includes:

  • The Americans – this show is sooo good, about russian spies posing as Americans in the 80s
  • Fences – Denzel Washington, people, need I say more?
  • Victoria – a series from PBS about Queen Victoria
  • Allied – super supenseful
  • Several first seasons of HBO shows
  • Arrival
  • Florence Foster Jenkins
  • A Knight’s Tale – because a good throwback to Heath Ledger is always a good call

Seriously, there is so much to watch that is included at no additional cost for Amazon Prime Members.


Prime Music

After six months of a Spotify Premium Membership (the first three months for a promotional rate of $1), I finally cancelled and started using Prime Music. It’s commercial free and has a good variety. With over 2 million songs I’m always able to find something.

Admittedly, there were a few albums available on Spotify that are not on Amazon that I miss, but I can always listen with a free spotify account. Prime Music is for when I don’t want the distraction of commercials/ads.

Plus, Prime Music is included in the Prime Membership. Now there is Music Unlimited which you can upgrade to for $8.99 a month which gives you access to more music. However, I find the free music to be plenty and have opted to not spend the extra money on Music Unlimited.

Other Fantastic Prime Membership Benefits:

  • Free unlimited photo storage
  • Access to Prime Pantry – save on the essentials
  • Prime Reading – access to over 1,000 books
  • You can share some of your Prime benefits with others in your house (kinda like a Costco card that way)
  • Free 2-day shipping and sometimes free same day or 1-day shipping

Bottom Line  

If you’re paying for a video streaming service, why not switch to Amazon Prime and get so much more?

Seriously, so much money, time, and energy can be saved by using Amazon Prime. Check it out with a free-trial and try not to get sucked into the scarcity of the trial and just spend on what you would usually buy. 

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