Side Hustle Series: Earning Money on the Side with BeachBody

You’ve likely seen an infomercial for BeachBody at some point. One thing not covered as much in those infomercials are the BeachBody coaches, that can help you to stay motivated and on track. BeachBody coaches are regular people, who started out buying on of their exercise programs just like you, but as coaches they have the opportunity to earn some money from their love of BeachBody.

Today I’m excited to have a former colleague, from my days working in the legal market, Tovah from Your Imagined Life here to share what it’s like to work and make money on the side as a BeachBody Coach.

​What made you decide to become a BeachBody Coach?

I hate to admit it but my decision to become a BeachBody coach was really just dumb luck. Or fortuitous. I became a coach to support a dear friend who was also a coach but I also saw it as a challenge and perhaps a way to turn my financial worries into something productive. Little did I know it would tap into a huge void in my life that my job wasn’t meeting and that I had been missing for years.​

​What was the process of becoming a BeachBody Coach?

​The process was easy and relatively inexpensive compared to many similar opportunities. I never realized how pricey some companies were to become apart of. To become a BeachBody coach I simply purchased what they call a challenge pack. A work out, in my case, 21 Day Fix, plus one month of Shakeology.

Honestly, as I was working on my own personal fitness journey this was a cost I was going to pay anyway. Signing me up as a coach and getting me the discount plus the opportunity was just a bonus. ​

What does a BeachBody coach do?​

​There is no one answer to this question. Some coaches just grab the discount, I like to think of it as a membership fee, and work out on the cheap. Other people share the love enough to get their Shakeology covered. Other people make 6 figure businesses out of it.

Me, I’m somewhere in the middle. I have a full-time day job but this is my passion. After I became a coach I realized my true passion is to help people, mainly women, reach their goals. I really enjoy helping people with their weight loss goals. I love empowering people to see themselves beyond their current position. Whether it’s their physical health, mental health, or financial health. So that’s what I do. Sometimes that takes the form of challenge groups. Or that can take the shape of coach trainings. Sometimes that takes the shape of 1:1 support. It’s different every day and I love it.​

What were the first few weeks like?​

​I was on maternity leave when I started and wanted to get caught up and trained before I went back to work. The first few weeks was a lot of training. Learning how to run challenge groups. Reading professional development. Learning about multi-level marketing and about the business. I had a lot of support from other coaches but it was definitely a crash course.

How do coaches make money? And how do you get paid?​

​Coaches make money in two main ways. One way is through direct sales. You sell a workout and you get paid a percentage. That’s it. Very easy.

The other way is a little more complicated but it also has larger financial rewards and much greater opportunities to help people. I have a team of other coaches I work with, these people are my tribe. They are other men and women who care about health and fitness and who really want to help the people in their life get healthier, whether it’s family or friends. As the coaches on my team expand their team and spread the BeachBody love, I also get a commission. It’s a little more complicated than that but it’s all good.​

How much have you earned as a coach and over what period?​

​I’ve earned between $5-10K per year. It’s rising. It’s directly related to the amount of time I spend on the business. The more I work, the more I make.

What is the best part of being a BeachBody coach?

​Coaching coaches. I love working with people to set goals, figure out a plan and reach those goals. It is my passion.

Are there any downsides?​

​Nope. You work hard, you help a lot of people, you grow as a person, and you make money.

Any thing else potential coaches should know about (perks or things I didn’t think to ask)?​

​It’s a hard job. The benefits far out weigh the risk but it can be scary. I don’t view the job as a sales job but you do need to be willing to talk to people. Learn about them, figure out what they need and try to help them.

Coaches take all shapes and sizes. Some are fitness lovers, some are just trying to lose weight. Some are extroverts. Some are very shy. There is no perfect mold. That’s what makes it open and available to everyone.

As for perk​s, they are countless. A huge support network of friendly, encouraging, and motivational group of people. Great inspirational events. A corporate culture focused on living your best life. It’s a reason to be purposeful with social media. A really good reason to connect with old friends.

Anything else you’d like to share with Less Debt More Wine Readers?​

​Like I said, becoming a Coach has opened my world. I’ve launched a blog (in the process of being updated) (editor’s note: I’ve gotten a preview, it looks awesome!)

Since becoming a coach, I’ve gotten my certification in nutrition and sports nutrition. Currently my full-time job is my dream job, or at least my old dream. I would not have gotten this job if it weren’t for what I’ve learned as a Coach.

Every day I feel like I”m one step closer to becoming the person I imagined I would be in high school. The person I always wanted to be when I grew up. In my yearbook, I said, I wanted to help people. I didn’t know how but I knew that’s what I wanted to do. Now I’m doing it and I know this is just the beginning. As I type this I”m working launching an online course to help others set and reach their goals. All because I took a risk. Just one small decision and so many amazing results.

The End.

Thank you Tovah! I appreciate you sharing what it’s like to work and earn money on the side with BeachBody as a coach.​

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  1. I can’t stand MLM’s one bit. The thought of spending evenings trying to convince family and friends to join my business is absolutely repulsive to me, ha.

    • In general, I agree, but Beachbody has really gone about it differently, I know several Beachbody coaches and I never feel sold to spammed in my Facebook feed, the focus isn’t on making money, it’s like a secondary benefit of what they are doing.


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