5 Best Ways to Make Money as a Pinterest VA

Right now, working from home is pretty much a must. If you are unable to or you lost your job recently and you love Pinterest, then you might want to consider becoming a Pinterest VA.

As a Pinterest Virtual Assistant you can work from anywhere (including home) and usually at any time (like after the kids go to bed). But what does a Pinterest VA do?

In today’s post I’m going to share with you the 5 best services to offer as a Pinterest VA. While working as a Pinterest VA is not passive income, it does offer a great return on the investment of your time.

And it really is focusing on the time you spend, because you don’t have to have any costs when starting work as a Pinterest VA. You can absolutely bootstrap it with free tools.

For each of the 5 Pinterest VA services I’m going to go over with you, I’ll be covering: what it is, how much you could potentially earn, and how much time each service takes to complete.

Let’s dive in….

Pinterest Account Setup

What it is:

Pinterest account setup is what it sounds like, you’ll be setting up your client’s Pinterest profile. Now depending on what they have currently it could just mean adding to it, or starting a profile from scratch. It could involve:

  • Changing a Pinterest personal account to a Pinterest Business Account
  • Ensuring a keyword rich name and profile description
  • Setting up 15-20 boards with keyword rich descriptions
  • Making sure each board has a minimum of 10 pins
  • Creating board covers
  • Enabling rich pins
  • Claiming their site
  • Setting up Pinterest analytics
  • Finding and applying to some group boards

How Much You Could Potentially Earn:

While this varies depending on what needs to be done, your experience, and skill level you could earn anywhere from $150 – $350. But it is a one time service.

How Long it Takes to Complete:

Again it depends on where they’re starting from, but to do a really good job (especially when it comes to keyword research) anywhere from 3-8 hours.

Tailwind Account Set up

What it is:

Again it’s what it sounds like, you’re setting up your client’s Tailwind account (Tailwind is a Pinterest Scheduler). Again if they’ve already signed up, they may have already set up a few things, so you may not need to do as much and should price accordingly. Setting up Tailwind usually involves:

  • Connecting their Pinterest account
  • Setting up a smart schedule
  • Setting up Board lists (grouping of similar boards)
  • Finding and applying to Tailwind Tribes
  • Setting up looping for evergreen and seasonal content
  • Scheduling from tribes, to get your client started with them
  • Scheduling a few days worth of content, just to get them started

How Much You Could Potentially Earn:

Again, how much you can charge will depend on your skill and experience. It may also depend on how quickly you can get it done. But you can expect to charge anywhere from $100-$300. This is also a one-time service.

How Long it Takes to Complete:

Depending on what may have already been done, anywhere from 2-6 hours.

If you’re wondering what I’m referring to when it comes to Tailwind, check out this quick getting started tutorial I put together:

Pin Creation

What it is:

Pin creation means creating the actual images that get pinned. It does not mean creating pin descriptions. The key to successfully offering pin creation services is being upfront and making sure your client understands what is included and what is not.

The client should be providing the stock photos for the pin and you should not have to be conducting stock photo searches, if you do, it needs to be an additional cost to the client. Even if you are searching for stock photos, it should be either free stock photo sites or with your client’s access.

The other thing to be clear on, which I’ve learned the hard way is to require them to be specific about the photos they want used. If you’re creating 10 pins and they send you 50 images, you’re still having to search through them. This should not be your job.

If they want some flexibility because they aren’t sure what will look best, limit them to sending you 15 photos if your creating 10 pins. 30 photos if you’re creating 25 pins, and 60 photos if your creating 50 pins.

How Much You Could Potentially Earn:

Market price is usually somewhere between $3-$5 per pin and to sell in batches. So a batch of 10 pins, 25 pins, or 50 pins. The bigger package they buy the less expensive each pin image gets.

However, if this is a new skill you’re honing, you might want to charge a little less to start. You want to make sure the client is happy with what they are getting for what they are paying.

How Long it Takes to Complete:

This will depend on a few things, first how many pins are you creating? Second, how experienced are you? Do you have templates you can use? The more pins you create the faster you’ll get.

Additionally, the more pins you create for a particular client the faster you’ll be as you establish a style that matches, that client’s branding and you’ll have templates for that particular client.

This can be either a one time service or a monthly recurring service.

Pin Descriptions

What it is:

The best pins don’t just look great, they also have great descriptions. Descriptions that naturally include keywords, making the pins more likely to be found. It’s a different skill set which is why it’s something you can offer separate from creating pins.

How Much You Could Potentially Earn:

It can really vary, I tend to charge around $2 per pin.

How Long it Takes to Complete:

For niches you’re familiar with it, it doesn’t take long, for new niches it will take you longer so you might want to factor that in when determining your pricing.

This can be either a one time service or a monthly recurring service.

If you’re looking for more guidance in becoming a Pinterest VA, I highly recommend you check out the course, Become a Pinterest VA. I took it in 2017 to help me pivot from freelance writing to Pinterest VA work and it’s amazing. You can read my full review of the course here.

Monthly Scheduling (recurring)

What it is:

Pinterest rewards pinners who consistently pin. But it’s really hard to every day go into Pinterest and pin stuff, at least it’s hard to do with any sort of strategy.

So many people will use a tool like Tailwind to schedule pinning, but the truth is even using a tool, it can be time-consuming. Which is why people will hire it out, and this is perhaps the greatest service to offer.

Basically, it requires you to keep their Tailwind schedule full and in line with your client’s strategy.

How Much You Can Potentially Earn:

It can vary greatly depending on your client’s pinning schedule – do they pin 10 times a day or 25?

Are you the one coming up with the strategy and monitoring it? Or are you just pinning based on what they ask?

Are you building any other services into the monthly package besides scheduling? Like creating pins and descriptions or applying to new group boards every month?

Depending on all of these factors and your level of experience you can usually charge somewhere between $150 – $500 a month, if not more.

How Long it Takes to Complete:

It depends on how much work you’re doing as part of the monthly package, but typically is at least a few hours a week.

Bottom Line

Working as a Pinterest VA can be a great way to make money on the side or with a goal to go full time.

You can offer all of these services or just a few or other services that aren’t listed here like Pinterest consulting.

These five services are best to get started with because they are great for beginner Pinterest VAs.

Have you ever thought about working as a Pinterest VA? What’s stopping you?

If you’re looking for more guidance in becoming a Pinterest VA, I highly recommend you check out the course, Become a Pinterest VA. I took it in 2017 to help me pivot from freelance writing to Pinterest VA work and it’s amazing. You can read my full review of the course here

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