How to Generate Client Leads From Your Website

All right so you decided you want to work for yourself, you have a website all set up and running now you just need clients.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the field of dreams, just because you build it doesn’t mean they’ll come. And even if they do come to your website it doesn’t mean they’ll hire you. So how can you work on generating leads using your website.?

Become a known expert in Social Media Groups

First, become a known expert for something and particularly in social media. If you’re like most blogger’s you’re probably apart of sever community groups, if you’re like me it, it’s on Facebook but it could be somewhere else.

In those groups when someone asked a question on your topic, answer them. Give them as complete an answer as possible, don’t be like I can help you but I’m going to charge you. This will help you to demonstrate your expert knowledge.

Once you become in an expert people will naturally recommend you and you’ll be able to charge for your services.

A great example of this is Grayson Bell of iMarkInteractive he’s super helpful in all of the Facebook groups. I actually don’t know how he has time to be that helpful and still run his business but he’s really helpful and he’s the go to expert. Everyone recommends him and refers people to them when anyone needs any sort of work done with wordpress.

And while he has given me tons of free help in terms of asking a question and getting a great answer from him I’ve also paid him for things. By being helpful he’s validating his own expertise so that he can charge for services.

Provide Case Studies

Once people see you’re an expert they’re going to want to check out your site and while providing your services on your site as well as testimonials is great, digging in even deeper with a case study can be extremely effective.

Here are some examples of Case Studies I’ve done:

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So write a blog post about how one client or even yourself went from A to B and how they got there. Really dig deep and show that these methods that you are offering as part of your service work. You can even include calls to action in the posts to remind people you offer those services.  

Here is an example:

Always Provide Value

Of course always provide value. Don’t ask someone to pay for something until you provided them of an example of the value you provide. This could be demonstrated by your case studies or testimonials, or just a free tip from you for them specifically.

Don’t try to nickel and dime every little thing, it’s annoying and it doesn’t make people feel good. If you are generous in providing value even in a free tip, people remember you even if they can’t afford your services just yet. They may try to save up and they’ll recommend you to others just because you were helpful and providing value in everything you did.

Make working with you the next step

Use a blog post or freebie or whatever you think of to teach them what they need to know before working with you. That way working with you is the natural next step.

For example, I can talk all day about Thrive Themes and setting it up, but actually implementing it and creating solid landing pages take some work. So maybe I help someone set up Thrive for free  but when they dig in they realize they don’t want to deal with the details, so the next step would be to hire me because they already know me.

They know I can provide value. They know I’m helpful. It’s going to save them time and sanity because they know I knows what I’m doing and the realize they don’t really enjoy doing this.

Bottom Line

No matter what services you offer to get clients be sure to display your expertise and provide value. As long as you’re doing those things, then prospective clients are able to validate that expertise by the help you provide, even for free, then you’re going to be attracting clients and referrals.

Your website can bring in clients with case studies, testimonials, and blog post that help them with the basics so that the natural next step is working for you was working with you.

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