How to Become a Full-Time Pinterest Manager (Become A Pinterest VA Review)


If the idea of getting paid to hang out on Pinterest appeals to you, then hold onto your hat…

Because in this post I’m going to break down how I became a Full-Time Pinterest Manager and how you can too!

Transitioning from Freelance Writer to Pinterest Manager

During my first year of self-employment, I realized I didn’t love freelance writing. I needed to pivot. So I started looking at becoming a virtual assistant of sorts, but I didn’t know where to get started. I landed on deciding to do Pinterest VA work.

Why Pinterest VA work? Because I was very knowledgeable about Pinterest having used it for my blogs and taken several Pinterest courses.

But I had no idea how to get started as a Pinterest VA. I didn’t know where to start looking for clients, what packages to offer, what rates I should have, or how to onboard/work with clients.

Becoming a Pinterest VA seemed like a natural fit with my skill set, but I wasn’t sure about the logistics, which is why I was more than happy to pay for a course to help me.

Evaluating an Investment

Approaching setting up another income stream, can also mean spending money. There is a reason for the saying, “you have to spend money to make money.”

While it is not always true, I’ve found it helpful in speeding up the process.

I probably could have figured out how to offer Pinterest VA services, but it wouldn’t have meant a lot of:

  • trial and error,
  • wasted time, and
  • time being miserable as I stumbled around trying to figure it all out.

I ended up purchasing the course Become a Pinterest VA to help me figure out the actual logistics of working as a Pinterest VA and getting started.

Since it’s the course that helped me to become a full-time Pinterest VA, earning over $3,000 a month I thought I’d give you a deep dive review of the course Become a Pinterest VA.

That way you can decide if becoming a Pinterest VA (and the course) might be something you want to pursue.

How I Stumbled Upon Pinterest VA Work & the Become a Pinterest VA Course

Working in the online world I knew others working as virtual assistants. In September 2017 I went to Activate! EBA Live and connected with Gina Horkey and Kristin Larsen.

I knew Gina from taking her course 30 Days or Less to Freelance Writing Success which helped me to become a full-time freelance writer in less than a year.

And I knew of Kristin of Believe in a Budget from my friend and former podcast co-host, Melissa Berry of Sunburnt Saver.

Turns out Gina of Horkey Handbook and Kristin from Believe in a Budget had joined forces to create a Become a Pinterest VA a course designed to help people, you guessed it, become Pinterest virtual assistants.

Getting to know them better, and knowing that Gina was an excellent teacher, I took the plunge when the course opened up for enrollment later in 2017.

Become a Pinterest VA! To the Rescue

Remember how I mentioned I was struggling with:

  • Where to look for clients
  • What services to offer
  • What my rates should be
  • How to onboard/work with Pinterest clients

The course addressed all these issues I had and more.

Units on finding AND landing clients? Yup, they have it, along with figuring out your target market, and different ways and places to find and look for clients.

A unit on figuring out what services you should offer? Yeah, that got that covered too, along with why you may or may not want to offer certain services.

A unit on deciding your pricing? Yup, the course even explains why to charge what you charge, and how to know when you should start charging more.

Once you’ve landed the client, you want to make sure they have a good experience from the start, which means you need a good onboarding process.

The Become a Pinterest VA course, covers that, making sure you don’t forget anything.

And with Pinterest’s looming IPO, Pinterest Ad work is sure to become more in demand, fortunately, the April 2019 update includes an entire section on running Pinterest Ads.


  • Covers all the technical stuff of setting up a Pinterest VA business
  • Makes it easy to figure out what to offer and charge
  • Covers how to find and pitch clients
  • Helps you to create a solid onboarding process
  • Covers scaling your Pinterest VA business if you want to go full time
  • Is continually updated with the most relevant content


  • Doesn’t focus too much on actual Pinterest strategy (but the Facebook Community associated with the course does)

Become a Pinterest VA has Got a Great Return on Investment

Cost = $799

The base cost for the course is $799 or two payments of $479

Now, I realized that can seem like a lot, but you only need a couple of clients to cover the cost. And depending on the services you offer you could actually be earning recurring revenue every month.

For example, if you do monthly scheduling charging $150-$250 a month, you’d have the course paid for with just 2 clients in two months.

If you’re more experienced at Pinterest then you could charge more.

If you have just 2-3 clients, you could earn back your investment and make a profit, your first month working with the clients.

The goal of Become a Pinterest VA is to set up your PVA business and land your first client in 60 days.

And as someone who has taken it, I can tell you it works.

While I have multiple clients, on average I charge $350/month to do Pinterest scheduling. And I make additional money each month setting up accounts and creating Pinterest Images with descriptions.

When I started I charged a bit less, but I kept raising my rates to match my expertise and experience.

What’s Included in Become a Pinterest VA?

  • A mix of video tutorials, text and audio – a little bit for every learning style.
  • Workbooks to help you implement
  • Examples and templates to make it easy for you to take action
  • Tech trainings on pretty much everything

It’s also important to note that the course is up to date. I’ve taken way too many courses that never update and it can be frustrating.

Kristin and Gina recently did a complete update on the course. I’m working my way through it again and it’s gotten even better.

Here is a bit more information on what you’ll get from the course:

Is Become a Pinterest VA right for you?

Do you enjoy using Pinterest?

Would you love to be paid to spend time on Pinterest?

Are you organized and good at communicating?

If you’ve answered yes to these questions, then yes, Become a Pinterest VA is right for you!

Whether you’re looking to make some extra money on the side or to change careers, working as a Pinterest VA or Pinterest Manager means you can control how much work you take on and how much time you spend on it.

How to Get Started with Become a Pinterest VA

Become a Pinterest VA is only available for sale a few times a year.

The next sale is April 23-26th

You can go here to purchase the course (or just to learn more about it).

As a bonus, if you purchase using my link, I’ll share with you the contract I use with my Pinterest VA clients (I’m used to be an attorney, so it’s legit).  Just forward me your proof of purchase and I’ll send you the contract template, hello@elizabethstapleton.com

After the 60 Days Should I sign up for The Pinterest Post?

In short, yes, you probably should.

I pay monthly to have access to The Pinterest Post community that you’ll have access to for 60 days included, and I have to say it’s worth every penny.

They regularly post client leads and I’ve landed three of them, earning me thousands in revenue.

If you’re curious how much I earn as a Pinterest VA, this is most of my Pinterest VA income in March 2019, broken out by service:

Once you select which payment plan of Become a Pinterest VA that you want, you pay and will get lifetime access to the course and an email with information for any other items included in your purchase.

And if you’re wondering if there is a refund policy, there is, you have 7 Days, and 15% of the course to decide if it’s right for you. If you decide it’s not for you within those parameters, they’ll issue you a full refund.


Contact me and ask, I’m happy to help you figure out if it’s the right course for you.

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