How to Become a Pinterest VA with Kristin Larsen

Given everything that is going on in the world right now, I know more people than ever are looking to make money from home. I’ve been a Pinterest virtual assistant since 2018 and it’s given me a ton of freedom.

It allowed me to move cross country to be closer to family without worrying about a job. Unlike when I was freelance writing it provided much more stable and consistent income every month.

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To help others better understand what a Pinterest VA does and how to get started, I’m sharing this video interview with Kristin Larsen co-founder of Become a Pinterest VA Today that was originally recorded as part of the Side Gig Summit.

Who is Kristin Larsen?

Kristin Larsen is the go-to Pinterest person, speaking at and conducting several in-person workshops at conferences and for groups across the United States. She is also a Tailwind ambassador, an official partner of Pinterest. In 2015, Kristin launched a successful Pinterest management company that has helped over 100 bloggers, online business owners and brick-and-mortar shops experience explosive growth on Pinterest. Founder of and co-founder of, Kristin’s courses have helped entrepreneurs learn how to use Pinterest and how to start a side hustle as a Pinterest virtual assistant.

Links & Resources Mentioned in the video:

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