How Having Pets Can Save You Money

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You may recall the post I wrote about why you should wait to get a pet. I stand by it but also want to point out there are ways in which having a pet can save you money. I’ve definitely spent more money when I got a dog earlier this year, but my life has greatly improved because of it too. The ways in which it improved would likely have cost me more money to make those improvements without a pet. So here are a few ways having pets can save you money.

Pets Can Save You Money with Free Exercise

If you love working out and keeping in shape, or if you are looking into getting in shape, a pet can help with that! While a turtle may not be the answer to your prayers, a dog could certainly do the trick. Not only will you be able to get in a walk/run with them, but they can also get you outside, which gives you much needed Vitamin D.

Instead of paying hundreds (or even thousands) to a gym every year for a membership, take that money and spend it on a pet! They’re cuter, help motivate you, and won’t let you say no to their afternoon walk. Ever since I got my dog I’ve been walking twice as much and kicking my sister’s butt in our FitBit Challenges (I’m not competitive at all).

Building Habits

Just like with exercising, pets can save you money by helping you build better habits. Whether it’s making sure you get up at the same time every day or take a walk around the block each night, pets force you to build a routine and habits that go along with it. This means feeding them in the morning, giving them cuddles, taking them out on walks, and more.

When you are taking care of your pet, you are less likely to spend money on unnecessary items. Instead of grabbing lunch with coworkers, you may go home and eat a quick lunch while you give your pet a belly rub. These habits and routines will gradually replace the more expensive ones, and before you know it, you may have just saved quite a few bucks to throw in your savings account.


There have been many studies that link animals to therapy and decreases in disorders like stress, anxiety, and even depression. For some people, having a pet can help decrease the need to see a therapist or take medication to feel their best.

So how exactly does this save you money? Let’s say your prescription costs you $100 a month. If having a pet helps you so decrease the dosage or stop the prescription all together you are saving $50 – $100 a month.

While having pets may not automatically solve everything, this is something to consider. Personally, I’ve found my mental health greatly improved when I got a dog. She forces me to go out in the sunlight several times a day and interact with lots more people than I would as someone who works from home.

Every person is different, and every disorder is different too. But there is no harm in having a pet and feeling better than before.


Whether you choose a dog or cat, chances are that they will do everything that they can to defend you. No pet owner ever wants to see their animal in an altercation, it is worth mentioning that most pets are great for security.

Dogs are a great option for security, especially larger dogs, because most will scare away possible intruders just with their bark. While you still may be comfortable with an alarm system, or another form of protection, a dog can save you money by keeping an eye on you. They are loyal and defensive if need be.

It is important to note that under no circumstance should you teach an animal to attack just for the sake of it. While possibly saving money on security as a watchdog is great, you don’t want to be in hot water because your animal attacked someone.

Jennifer Weiner Suggests It

Jennifer Weiner is an author if you weren’t sure, I’ve read several of her books and a few have even been turned into movies, like In Her Shoes starring Cameron Diaz. When I first started reading her books I checked out her website and was surprised to find that one of the things she recommends wannabe writers do is to get a dog.

Whenever a professional that I trust suggests something, I have to mention it. Jennifer Weiner suggests having a pet (mainly a dog) because they help with keeping you disciplined, help boost your creativity, and can even help you with networking (who knows who you’ll meet on your dog walk!).

While you shouldn’t get a pet just for the sake of networking or making money, having a pet can certainly provide those options to you. Jennifer also recommends adopting a pet from your local shelter or rescue organization (I got mine from the SPCA). Help save the life of a pet and boost your creativity? Sounds like a win-win situation.

Wrapping it Up with a Bow on Top

Animals can be expensive, time-consuming, and even on occasion downright annoying (Lucy, please stop barking when I’m trying to write). But they can also be your best friend, save you money and help you be more productive than ever before. Honestly, saving money aside, some days I wonder who rescued who. If you are ready for a pet, get one, it will be the best decision you make.

Aren’t my animals cute?

You didn’t think I’d finish this post without sharing a picture of my puppy, did you? Here is me and my Lucy Goose.
My meme-worthy cat, Doug aka Quailman

5 thoughts on “How Having Pets Can Save You Money”

  1. I feel like this is a sign ha. All day long I’ve been thinking about how bad I’d like to have a dog and have been weighing the positives and negatives in my mind. I’m in the middle of a divorce so something to latch on to for my mental health would be quite nice. I think it would be helpful to keep me home more instead of feeling antsy to go out and spend money. We shall see.

    1. The dog I adopted in Feb. has been so good for my health, but she’s had her own health issues and the vet bills have not been cheap. Though I think it’s been absolutely worth it.

  2. I’ve had my Peanut for 10 years and never considered all these tangible benefits, but it’s so true! We wake up early to go outside and take multiple walks every day. She even gets up and starts pacing around the house at 11pm when she’s ready for bed, so like magic, I go to bed every night around 11 🙂

    PS: You get bonus points in my book for having the Martian and All the Light We Cannot See in your cat picture. Both great reads!

    1. Well I hate to disappoint you, but those books were part of me hustling I picked them up at a thrift store for $0.50 each and was reselling them for what turned out to be $11, I had a pile of books to go through and I already knew I could sell those which is why they were in a pile by themselves.

  3. I love the idea of using ur pet (dog) to start or maintain a healthy life style. Combine healthy and fun is always the best way to stay healthy. If a pet can help to do so what more do we want, right?

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