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Saving money without sacrificing enjoying your life is a goal for most people. Be it because you are saving up for something, paying off debt, or just cannot afford whatever it is you want to be doing. So I thought I would share with you the top 5 most popular posts on this site that help you save money without sacrificing your life.

You can also always check out my Affordable Living page, to see all of the affordable living posts available on the site. Ok, so now let’s dive into the most popular posts on Less Debt More Wine about saving money and enjoying life!

1. 45+ Ways to Save Money & Still have a Life

If you are struggling to pay your bills, you are likely living beyond your means. Alternatively, you may be living within your means but not making the kind of progress on your debt as you’d like. I’ve been there, I cut a lot of costs so I could put more towards my debt, but I did it without sacrificing having a life. Just because you need to cut back on your spending does not mean you have to give up having a life. Continue Reading >>

2. 10 Ways I Saved Money as a Law Student

After being a broke student throughout college, I continued on as a broke law school student. However, while at law school I built certain habits that saved me money. I also developed some bad habits that cost me lots of money. Here are 10 ways I saved money as a Law Student. Continue Reading >>

3. How to Save Money on Groceries

One of my biggest variable costs each month is how much money I spend on food. I’m always looking for how to save money on groceries without going full on extreme couponing. Not that I have anything against using coupons, I just don’t want to spend so much time on it…. Continue Reading >>

4. Shopping for Gifts When You’re in Debt

The holidays will be here before you know it, which is why you need to start thinking about it now. When you’re in debt, shopping for gifts can be hard. Between birthdays, holidays, and even events like graduation, it can seem as if you are always spending money to get something for someone. So what happens when you feel like you don’t have enough cash to buy a gift? Continue Reading >>

5. How to Cut Costs Without Cutting Too Deep

When I first started learning to budget, I would try to cut a lot of costs so that I could put more money towards my credit card debt. The problem was I was cutting my expenses too much and would end up using the credit cards I was trying to pay off to pay for other things. It was a vicious cycle. Continue Reading >>

Wrapping it Up with a Bow on Top

Hopefully, these popular posts dealing with the ways to save money and enjoy life have helped you to start taking control of your finances. Just remember that everyone is different and how you save money and what you work to save money on is going to depend on your priorities.

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