4 “Grown Up” Things I Learned the Hard Way


Growing up is a process. Even after you move out and go to college and law school. I feel like school gives you a bit of a buffer. You live in the dorm, eat at the cafeteria and are surrounded by friends. You learn to handle a lot but it is not the same as life after school when you have to be a real grown up.

Somethings you are told about, others your figure out. While other things you have to learn the hard way. These are 4 grown up things I learned the hard way, some you might think duh. But what can I say I didn’t know, I do now.

1. Grown Up Cars Costs

State Registration and Inspections vary by state. Ok, this I knew. What I didn’t know was that they didn’t always align. In Massachusetts, you are required to register your car every two years and have it inspected every year. I didn’t know and got a $50 ticket for being 5 months overdue on my inspection. Not sure your state’s rules? Go to the DMV/RMV site and check.

2. Have Wine, Will Travel

When I studied abroad in South America, I bought some wine to bring back home, as it was unopened and sealed I figured it would be fine in my carry on. I was wrong, I had to throw out my wine. It was super duper sad. Always carry your wine in your checked bag.

Since I don’t travel internationally much these days, I like ordering a box of different wines to try from Winc every few months. The bottles average $13 a piece and delivery is free when you get at least 4 bottles (more wine please). If you want to check out Winc, you can get a free bottle of wine using my link. I’m very pro free wine.

3. Driving

Just because the person behind you ran the light too, doesn’t mean you won’t end up being pulled over. I didn’t get a ticket because I played up the fact that I was moving out of state in a few weeks and he let me off. Thank you cute cop.

On another note, those “patrolled by aircraft” signs are for real. My colleague was driving and didn’t notice he was speeding. The next thing we know we are being flagged to the side fo the road. The aircraft caught him going 80.

4. Recipes Matter

I’m primarily a baker and when baking you need to follow a recipe. However, when cooking there is often times a little more leeway.  A little of this, a little of that, no sweat. Except for the first time you are making something, make it according to directions and get it right before you start changing it up. I’ve eaten many not very good meals because I didn’t follow the recipe and instead opted to improvise. Most recently I ate a failed chicken curry. Sad face.

Wrapping it Up with a Bow on Top

No matter your age when you get out of school, chances are you will still have some growing up to do. At almost 30 I’m still learning new things. Don’t beat yourself up too much if you make a mistake, we’ve all been there. If there is an area you don’t know much about, try to take time to learn more before it ends up costing you money.

What adulting lessons did you learn the hard way? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I have learned tons of adulting lessons the hard way.

    Credit Cards (Don’t charge anything you don’t have the money in the bank to back it up.)
    Food (Hot sauce is best left to those between the ages of 12-30. I may like it but it doesn’t like me.)
    Clothes (Don’t buy things that don’t quite fit. They will never fit and will sit in your closet until you donate them.)

  2. I totally failed at all things car related as an adult too. Like why do you have to register every year? It’s registered. Shouldn’t it stay that way until something changes??

    1. It’s just so they can continue to collect their money.

  3. I think mines would have to definitely be not to borrow student loans and that the “real world” is pretty similar to high school…

  4. I blogged along similar lines last week – my big thing would be Always Put You First. Nobody else will.

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