Here is How Much You Can Make on Rover

Rover is a pet sitting and dog walking service that connects pet owners with local, qualified pet sitters and dog walkers. Rover takes a commission from each booking, which varies based on the services booked.

As a pet sitter or dog walker on Rover, you can expect to make anywhere from $10-30 per hour, depending on what you choose to charge, the services you book, and the radius that you decide to work.

So how much money can you make on Rover? The answer depends largely on your availability, qualifications, and experience. But as long as you provide quality service, you can expect to make a good wage while taking care of furry friends.

If you want to learn more about getting started with Rover, check out our in-depth post here. For tips on how to earn the most on Rover, keep reading!

How much money can you make on Rover

Rover lets sitters set their own rates and then takes a percentage. What percent will depend on when you were approved to become a sitter on Rover. If you are applying now, the service fee percentage will be 20%.

While you can set your own rates, there is of course a competitive market and you might not get many requests if you price yourself too high. So make sure to do a bit of research on the app to see what the going rates are for different services.

Another thing to keep in mind, is how far you’re willing to travel for a client. You aren’t paid for travel so the further away it is, the more time it takes and the less bookings you’ll be able to take on.

Personally, I found the most success keeping my radius small, it helped that I lived in an apartment complex and worked from home. It meant I had several regular clients in the complex, that I would get bookings for every week when they were at work during the day.

Regular clients are the other key feature if you want to earn good money on Rover. Even just having a handful of regular clients on Rover can mean a nice bit of extra income.

Whether that means drop-in visits on weekdays when they are at work or every time they go out on vacation. Your regulars are where the most money is to be made.

I didn’t charge a lot for dog walking/drop-in services but with a few regulars, doing this very part-time, I easily made an extra $2,500 over the course of a year.

What are the pros and cons of Rover

There are a few pros and cons to using Rover that pet owners and sitters/walkers should be aware of:


  • Rover offers a free insurance policy for pets but not for sitters
  • You can set your own availability, area you’re willing to work, and rates
  • Pet owners can search for sitters or dog walkers based on their location, availability, and qualifications.


  • The commission that Rover takes from each booking can be a bit high, depending on the services booked.
  • Rover is only available in select areas.

So, if you’re considering using Rover to earn some extra income, think about how much you’re willing to work and earn.

Tips for success as a pet sitter on Rover

If you’re considering becoming a pet sitter on Rover, here are a few tips to help you get started and be successful:

  • Be sure to read the Rover Terms of Service before you create your profile. This will help you understand the expectations and requirements of both Rover and pet owners.
  • Create a detailed profile that highlights your qualifications, experience, and availability. Be sure to include plenty of photos and reviews from previous clients, if possible.
  • Respond to messages and requests promptly and be professional in all your communications.
  • Arrive on time for appointments and meet the expectations that you’ve set with the pet owner.
  • Be sure to follow any special instructions that the pet owner has given, such as feeding schedules or medication administration.
  • Use the app, it will track your walks and make it easy to update the pet parents about the animal.

By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a successful pet sitter on Rover.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a way to make some extra money, pet sitting might be the perfect solution. Rover is a great platform to use to find clients and get started in the business.

With a little effort, you can easily build a base of regular clients who will appreciate your services. And best of all, you’ll get to spend your days taking care of furry friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have questions about how much money you can make on Rover? We’ve answered the most common questions below.

How much can I realistically make on Rover?

How much you make on Rover will depend on several factors, including your availability, service rate, and the number of regular clients you have. Generally speaking, you can expect to make anywhere from $15-30 per hour as a pet sitter or dog walker on Rover.

Can I really trust Rover with my personal information

Rover is a safe and secure platform that takes measures to protect both pet owners and sitters/walkers. Personal information is only shared once a booking is confirmed, and Rover offers a free insurance policy for all bookings.

Is it worth working for Rover?

This is a difficult question to answer, as it will depend on each individual’s situation. If you’re looking for a way to make some extra money and you enjoy spending time with animals, then working for Rover may be a good fit for you. However, if you’re looking for a full-time income or you don’t have the time to commit to regular appointments, then working for Rover may not be the best option.

Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to work for Rover is up to you. If you think it might be a good fit for your needs, then we encourage you to give it a try.

Does Rover report income to IRS

If you earn more than $600 in a year from Rover, you will receive a 1099-MISC form from the company. It is then your responsibility to report this income to the IRS.

For more information on taxes and reporting income, we recommend speaking with a tax professional or visiting the IRS website.

Does Rover take taxes out of earnings?

No, Rover does not take taxes out of your earnings. It is your responsibility to report your income and pay taxes on it, as required by law.

What are the requirements to work for Rover

To work for Rover, you must be at least 18 years old and have a valid driver’s license or other form of identification. You will also need to pass a background check.

For more tips on how to succeed as a pet sitter or dog walker on Rover, check out our article How to Make Money on Rover: The Ultimate Guide.

How long does it take to get paid by Rover?

Rover payments are processed and appear in your Rover account two days after you complete the service.

When there is money in your account you can set a payout to have it transferred to your checking or PayPal account.

Are Rover sitters insured?

All Rover bookings are covered by the Rover Guarantee, which offers free insurance for all services booked through the platform. This insurance covers up to $25,000 in damages caused by a pet while in the care of a Rover sitter, and it also provides 24/7 support from the Rover team. It does not offer liability insurance for the sitters themselves.

Do Rover sitters get tips

There is no set policy on tipping for Rover sitters, as it is up to each individual pet owner to decide whether or not to tip. However, if you provide excellent service and your client is happy with your work, then it is likely that they will want to show their appreciation with a tip.

Is working for Rover worth the time and money

This is a difficult question to answer, as it will depend on each individual’s situation. Some people may find that the money they earn from Rover is not worth the time and effort required, while others may find it to be a great way to make some extra cash.

It really depends on your own personal preferences and needs.

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