8 Best Gifts for Wine Lovers

The holidays are just around the corner.

So this post I’m going to cover some of the best gifts for wine lovers. Don’t worry they’re also great for your budget.


A corkscrew is essential for everyone. Now, the types of corkscrews out there can vary in both style and cost. You can be as simple (and effective) as a server corkscrew, or as fancy as electric corkscrew.

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Wine Stoppers

Not finishing wine should be a crime, help preserve it (if you don’t finish it in a night) with a wine stopper, the cuter the better. To really help your friends keep their wine fresh, get them a vacuum wine stopper.

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Bonus: wine stoppers could be great stocking stuffers 😉


Done! Wine itself is the perfect gift for the wine lover. And you don’t have to get super expensive wine either. Target has some great $5 bottles of wine.

Though if you wanted to go big you could do a wine subscription.

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Wine Subscription

OK I guess I’m technically putting this in twice, but seriously wine subscriptions are awesome.

Or if you have a wine subscription, see if you have the ability to send a free box (just pay tax and shipping).  

You can also look at a Groupon that includes 12 bottles of wine. My parents give me that lovely Groupon gift one year & it was awesome.

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Wine Rack

The wine lover in your life is gonna need some place to put their wine, a stylish wine rack is perfect. It allows them to display their wine in fashionable way and keep it off the countertops. Which usually helps to save countertop space.

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Keychain Wine Opener

For the wine lover on the go. When going out to a friends gathering, it’s always in good taste to take a bottle of wine over. It’s really appreciated, but for some reason the friend doesn’t love wine as much, so they don’t have a wine opener. Crazy, I know, but in does happen.

In that instance a keychain corkscrew can come in really handy.

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Wine Aerator

For the more sophisticated wine lover, an aerator is an excellent gift. It aerates the wine which basically means it speeds up the whole breathing process.

I’m not the most sophisticated wine drinker, but I do have one of these that I use with red wines and it’s fantastic. Because why not? This is the one I have and it’s lasted great for years.

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Cork Holder

What does the wine lover love more than wine? Remembering all the wonderful wine they’ve had to drink. A cork holder is a great way to display all their favorite wines and remind them of some great memories too.

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Bottom Line

No matter what you end up receiving or gifting the wine lover in your life, they’re going to be thrilled to receive any of the gifts for wine lovers mentioned in this post.

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