One blogger's journey from clueless law grad to personal finance blogger

Once Upon a Time I Knew Nothing About Personal Finance

Everyone starts from somewhere, this is my journey from clueless law school grad to personal finance blogger. There is even more to the story if I were to start from clueless college graduate, but you don’t have all day. 😉 Graduating from Law School Once upon a time (4 years ago) in a far away …

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frugal living | relax for free | take a break

10 Ways to Relax for FREE

There are many ways to relax for free, some people go get a massage or mani/pedis others go out to grab a drink with friends at the bar. The problem with all of these is that they cost money and on a long weekend, you’re able to do all these things and it can really …

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Love this save money checklist! Great ideas to start saving more money!

45+ Ways to Start Saving Money and Still Having a Life

If you are struggling to pay your bills, you are likely living beyond your means. Alternatively, you may be living within your means but not making the kind of progress on your debt as you’d like. I’ve been there, I cut a lot of costs so I could put more towards my debt, but I …

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I love the sunshine blogger award posts!

The Sunshine Blogger Award

Recently I was fortunate enough to be nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award by Amanda at Dream Beyond Debt and Jessica at Settle Your Finances. Thank you, both. The rules of the Sunshine Blogger Awards are: Thank the person that nominated you Answer the questions from the person that nominated you Nominate some other bloggers …

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So many advantages to having a handle on your finances even if you do still have debt.

Why it’s So Great Having a Handle On Your Money

I am not financially perfect, far from it in fact. If you have ever been here before chances are you know that I have a ton of student loan debt. But there comes a point that once you get a handle on your finances all you can do about your debt is to just keep …

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Find out what it is like working stadium security and how you can get the job

Side Hustle Series: Stadium Security

I’m very excited to be guest posting over at Budgets Are Sexy about this super fun side hustle. You can head over there to read the details. My Experience Working Stadium Security Here is some more information about one of my favorite hustles. I started working at Gillette Stadium in Fall 2012 and left December …

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Great post on everything learned from the first year of blogging. Happy blogiversary!

My First Blogiversary

One year ago today my very first blog post went live. I was ridiculously nervous, which is hilarious because no one was actually reading my blog at that point. After a year I have to say I’m insanely proud of myself with all I’ve learned. I’ve come a long way learning about coding, posting, and …

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Great list of free personal finance tools, I hadn't heard of some of these

The Best Free Personal Finance Tools

There are tons of personal finance tools out there, some are free, some cost some money. I’ve put together a list of the best free personal finance tools. These free personal finance tools will help you budget better, save money, and kick debt in the face. For Budgeting  Mint gives you some default categories …

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I love side hustles but they are more than just extra money, check out this post to see what you can expect when side hustling.

What You Need to Know About Side Hustles

Side hustles are great for making extra cash on the side to help you reach your goals quicker. But there are a few things you should know before diving into the world of side hustles. 1. Side Hustles are Exhausting Even when you love what you are doing, sides hustles are something you are doing …

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Getting your finances organized is the first step to being successful financially, great very in depth post to get your organized, it even has a drinking game!

How to Get Your Finances Organized

Less Debt More Wine is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to If you are just starting to realize that you need to get a handle on your finances you might be feeling …

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