Organizing or reorganizing is a great way to feel in control of something that is bothering you. Great examples of how to get out of a rut!

How to Get Out of Neutral & Take Action by Re-organizing

After reading brokeGirlrich‘s post on being stuck in neutral, I started thinking about all the ways in my life lately where I’ve felt stuck. I’ve had this I’m stuck feeling a lot lately and I think everyone does sometimes. It does not matter if you have debt or not. Once you are stuck it is …

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Easy way to build a buffer so that even when you are cutting costs you are protected if you cut costs too much.

How to Cut Costs Without Cutting Too Deep

When I first started learning to budget, I would try to cut a lot of costs so that I could put more money towards my credit card debt. The problem was I was cutting my expenses too much and would end up using the credit cards I was trying to pay off to pay for …

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How to strategically use your money to pay off debt. Prioritize your debt with the method or combination of methods that works best for you.

How to Prioritize Your Debt so You Can Reach Debt Freedom

The first step in any debt repayment plan is to decide what order you are going to pay off your debt. You need to prioritize because if you try to tackle too many things at once you won’t get anywhere with any of them. There are two main methods used to prioritize your debt repayment. One focuses …

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