Great post on everything learned from the first year of blogging. Happy blogiversary!

My First Blogiversary

One year ago today my very first blog post went live. I was ridiculously nervous, which is hilarious because no one was actually reading my blog at that point. After a year I have to say I’m insanely proud of myself with all I’ve learned. I’ve come a long way learning about coding, posting, and …

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The Best Free Personal Finance Tools

There are tons of personal finance tools out there, some are free, some cost some money. I’ve put together a list of the best free personal finance tools. These free personal finance tools will help you budget better, save money, and kick debt in the face. For Budgeting  Mint gives you some default categories …

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I love side hustles but they are more than just extra money, check out this post to see what you can expect when side hustling.

What You Need to Know About Side Hustles

Side hustles are great for making extra cash on the side to help you reach your goals quicker. But there are a few things you should know before diving into the world of side hustles. 1. Side Hustles are Exhausting Even when you love what you are doing, sides hustles are something you are doing …

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Getting your finances organized is the first step to being successful financially, great very in depth post to get your organized, it even has a drinking game!

How to Get Your Finances Organized

Less Debt More Wine is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to If you are just starting to realize that you need to get a handle on your finances you might be feeling …

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Flexible student loan repayment options are great for the short term, this post is great at explaining why they aren't the best for long term financial goals.

What You Need to Know About Flexible Student Loan Repayment Plans

In the U.S. if you have federally backed student loans you have a myriad of repayment options available to you including some flexible repayment options dependent upon your income. With the average amount of student loan debt on the rise, and the recession still affecting starting salaries the federal government recognized (especially after so many …

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mother's day gifts | frugal gifts | last minute gifts |

Happy Mother’s Day! 5 Frugal Last Minute Gifts

Less Debt More Wine is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Somehow Mother’s Day always seems to sneak up on me. If you’re like me and scrambling a bit to put …

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3 reasons why you should leave your 401(k) alone

3 Reasons Why I’ll Absolutely Never Borrow From My 401(k)

Debt sucks, but screwing over my future just to pay for my past decisions doesn’t seem all that wise either. I have come a long way in my journey to being financially educated. While I still have a long way to go, one thing I’ve learned is that borrowing money is to be avoided at …

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5 Easy things you can do to save money. I hadn't thought of number 3 before.

5 Easy Ways to Save Money

Looking to save money? Here are 5 easy ways to start saving money, so you can start putting it toward things that matter more to you. 1. Cut cable, get an antenna then cut Netflix too. A digital antenna is a one-time cost of $15-20. I still get almost all the channels I care about …

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Great way to think about debt repayment! Figure out your magic number to feel like you are always making progress!

Debt Repayment – The One Easy Trick That Keeps Me Motivated

With all my debt, I’ve found that the number one way I stay motivated is to feel like I’m constantly making progress. So I had to figure out how much I needed to put towards my debt to feel like I’m making progress. I call that number, your magic number. How a Magic Number Works $200 is …

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A great reminder that donating doesn't have to be about money. Particularly when you are trying to pay down debt and money is tight.

How to Manage Debt & Still Donate to Charities

Paying off debt can suck for all sorts of reasons. But it when there are causes near and dear to your heart and you struggle with donating to that cause because of your debt it can be the absolute worst. You may make some donations and then feel frustrated by your debt payoff progress. There …

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