Less Debt More Wine Turns 2!

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So I was quiet last week, I was sick and not ahead of things so no posts went up. Which means that I missed posting this on the actual anniversary of when Less Debt More Wine (formerly Friday Night Shenanigans) turns 2.

When on Thursday I realized the date was Aug. 11th I kind of freaked out, because I realized I’d been blogging for two years. I mean I know when I bought my hosting plan I committed to a minimum of three years but damn it is going by so fast.

I never could have guessed that I would enjoy blogging so much (or how much work it would be) and how amazing the blogging community could be, but damn it is awesome.

If you are considering starting a blog or are on the fence, just go for it.

In honor of turning 2, I thought I’d share some of the highlights and stats of the last two years:

Blogging Stats:

Total Posts: 167Average # per Week: 1.6

What has happened the last year:

My first year, I was so new, I had no clue what I was doing when it came to blogging. But I did make a lot of progress on my debt, let’s see how I did in my second year.


  • I paid off my $1k Perkins Loan
  • Total Paid Towards Debt: $20,901.55(BTW my taxable income for 2015 was about $47k so after taxes about $40k. Thus approx. half my income went towards my debt)
  • Total Debt Paid Off: $11,181.76 = Interest and being on an IBR plan sucks

Fun Stuff:

  • I moved from one side of town to the other
  • I went to FinCon, can’t wait to go again this year!

Cool stuff that has happened over the last two years of blogging:

  • Melanie from Dear Debt published a book – you can get it here, and my Dear Debt letter which was my very first guest post is included in it. Though I have yet to see it (I’m anxiously awaiting my copy to be delivered), once I do and read it, you can expect a review on the blog.
  • I started taking my freelance writing seriously and am continuing to make a little more each month
  • I’ve connected with some amazing people through this great community
  • I have been quoted in an article that was re-run by Business Insider, which is just kind of cool.
  • I’ve gotten to see other bloggers reach their debt free goals, looking at you Dear Debt and Dream Beyond Debt.

Now for some of my own goals for my 3rd year of blogging:

  • Bring the average posts per week up to 2 overall – which means I’ll need to average 3 posts per week
  • Pay off my Car Loan, Bar Loan, and because I’m feeling ambitious my smallest student loan too. Total goal =  $17,946.76 +interest
  • Do a debt payoff challenge each quarter, the next one starts Jan. 1st 2017
  • Complete a 4 month No Spend Challenge

I think that pretty well sums up the last two years of blogging, and here is to many more. Thank you for reading.

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