How to Easily Save Over $600 in 5 Months

It's amazing how saving consistently, a little bit each day, can really add up.

If you started with pennies one month and worked your way up to dollars in month 5, by saving the number of coins/dollars as the day of the month, you will save over $600. Start by saving 1 penny on day 1, then 2 pennies on day 2 and so on.

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Month 1 & 2: Pennies & Nickels

Total Saved from Month 1 & 2 = $27.90

Month 3 & 4: Dimes & Quarters

Total saved after 4 months = $190.65

Month 5: Dollars

Total saved after month 5 = $655.65

Start with pennies and up the ante each month, in 5 months you will have saved over $650!

Month 1 you will save: $4.65

In Month 2 you will save: $23.25

Month 3 you will save: $46.50

In Month 4 you will save: $116.25

Month 5 you will have saved: $465.00

Total after 5 months: $655.65

Don't Want to Build Up Savings Over Time?

If gradually building your savings isn't your thing, the average savings over the course of the 5 months would amount to saving just $4.37 a day. So pack your lunch every day for 5 months and set aside the savings and you will easily save $655.65.

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Still having trouble building savings? Give Chime or Qapital a try.

Best Tool

Chime works by starting a spending account (takes 5 minutes) and opting into the automatic savings plan. (Learn more about getting started with Chime).  Every time I use the Chime Debit Card it rounds up my purchase to the nearest dollar and puts in in savings. Right now they also offer a double round-up bonus on those savings. All those withdrawals add up over time. Chime is free to use, with no monthly fees. With Chime, you end up saving money without having to think about it.

Best savings Tool

If you don't want to open up a new bank account, then Qapital can help you reach savings goals. Once you have the Qapital App installed and a bank account (or in my case three) connected you set up a goal or goals. I currently have two, one to save for taxes #selfemployed and one to save for spending money when I travel hack my way to Paris. Then you set savings rules for each of your goals.

For example, I have a round up to the nearest $2 rule, a guilty spending rule -when I buy Dominos, and a savings rule for every time I hit my step goal with FitBit. There are tons of different savings rules you can set up and the best part is Qapital is free to use. Bonus, when you use my link you'll get $5 after your first savings.

What other savings tricks have you used? Let me know in the comments!


Liz is a blogger helping people with personal finance and working for themselves. She shares her own journey to debt freedom and helps graduates dealing with above average student loan debt on her site, Less Debt More Wine. She currently resides in NC after calling Massachusetts home for nearly a decade.